Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Mister Frankenstein

Dear Mister Frankenstein,
In case you never knew,
I enjoyed every night
I got to visit you.
On Halloween each year
Around when it got dark,
Finding a place to meet
The joy would fill my heart.

Witches, ghosts and goblins,
Collecting trick-or-treats,
But going to meet you
Nothing was just as neat!
Though happy to see you,
A part of me was sad,
For I had wanted you
To go and meet my dad.

Every year it seemed to me
Some things he had to do.
Truth I think really was
He was afraid of you.
He would never admit
It to himself or me,
But that little fact was
Not very hard to see.

Slowly the years go by
You pass a time or two.
I've caught my dad on stilts
Reminding me of you.
I will never forget
And you have crossed my mind
I miss you like crazy,
Dear Mister Frankenstein!

Elisabeth @2007

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