Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Family Visit!

We visited our family again over the weekend. It was a pretty good visit. The kids had a blast and got to spend a lot of time with their cousins. They also ended up getting a total of $65 from various family members to do what they wanted with. A.A. spent his on games, but T decided that she wanted to put hers in a savings account and save it. That's a smart thing for an eight year old to do. She makes me so proud!

S's mom has lived in the same house for over 30 years and is always telling us about strange experiences she has had in her house. I have never had any reason to doubt them, but I have never experienced them before. That is, until Friday night while we were visiting her. We had decided to spend the night there and A.A was ready to go to bed. He laid on her couch and we shut the television off so that he could sleep. The rest of us weren't quite ready to go to bed yet, so we stayed up and talked a little while longer. While we were talking, we heard a long whistle. It was a long high pitched whistle that blended to a long low pitched whistle. Everyone was in the same room and everyone heard it including both of my kids, but no one in the room had whistled. I didn't whistle, neither one of my kids can whistle like that, and I know it wasn't S, his mom or his brother because while I heard it, I looked at each of them wondering why they decided to whistle at that particular time, yet they weren't whistling. It was odd and we never did find out where the whistling came from. My brother-in-law told S that he was glad that other people heard it because now he knows he isn't going nuts. It must not have been the first time that has happened, but S's mom never told us that she heard whistling in her house and not know where it was coming from.

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marsha said...

very strange!! My grandmother's house always felt a little odd to stay in.

Happy 2008

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