Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More News!

My brother called me again a few days ago. Again, I thought something was wrong. I have to stop doing that! I thought something was wrong this time because he had called so late. Once again, nothing was wrong, thank goodness!

He called to tell me that my sister is pregnant, too! I am happy to be having another niece or nephew. T is absolutely thrilled. Double A says he would be thrilled if both my brother's girlfriend and my sister have boys. Then he says it would be even. Three boys and three girls and he wouldn't be the only boy.

My brother told me that his girlfriend isn't very thrilled to be sharing her pregnancy with my sister though. I guess she thinks that it is taking some of the attention off of her. That's pretty selfish in my book, though. I shared all of my pregnancies with two of my cousins and none of us minded one bit. Actually, we thought it was pretty fun, trying to guess who was having a boy and who was having a girl. Who would have their's first and who would have their's last. I'm sure she will get used to the ideal though, she really doesn't have a choice, does she?

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Marsha said...

I can't think of one time that I was the only one pregnant. There was always at least one other family member. It was fun.

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