Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Bee!

Happy Friday!

Double A and T are out for winter break starting today. It seems odd to me because their winter break started on Friday, instead of the regular Monday. The teachers are working on the end of the grading period today and when the kids go back to school, they will get their report cards.

I recently realized that both Double A and T have perfect attendance this grading period. This is normal for T, but Double A gets sick at least one time during the grading periods and usually misses one or two days because of it. This grading period, he didn't get sick! Yay!

Somehow, I got tricked into throwing T a birthday party on Sunday. I'm not quite sure how that happened, really. I think it had something to do with T coming home from school, telling me that she invited the boy that has the same birthday as her to her birthday party this weekend. Or maybe something to do with me mentioning a birthday party. I'll be a very busy bee this weekend.

There's planning, shopping, a ton of kids and a lot of driving on the yucky roads! Of course, sweet little T wants her best friend and cousin, Lady J, to be at her party and she lives over an hour and a half away. I have to do the driving of picking her up and taking her back home. That will be loads of fun and it will be worth it, too! I'll just pick up my little man, Mr. Wiggles (Lady J's seven month old brother), while I'm at it and any time spent with him, is always worth the jumping through any hoop in order to do it.

That's what I have planned this weekend, what do you have planned?

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