Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy Day!

This evening was very busy for us. We only had an hour in between the time that I picked the kids up from school and the time T had to be back at school for her program. That was a rush, especially since I had to finish getting ready for it and then I had to pick up my great Aunt B before going back to the school. T was so excited that B was there. I think she went to one of Double A's programs and now she's went to one of T's programs.

T did a great job at her program. Her class sang about five different songs! I could hear her little singing voice throughout all of the songs, she sang so loud! I guess she wanted to be sure that we heard her. I am really proud of her! I was able to get a picture of her and her teacher. I know that I promised that I would have pictures up tonight, but I still have to go through all of them, so I probably won't be posting any pictures up until tomorrow.

I hope everybody's day went well! Now I'm off to get some sleep!

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sunny said...

Now you know I have to have a pic and/or video of T and her program! I bet she was the cutest one there!

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