Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!

After watching "The Biggest Loser" last night, I went online and voted for who I wanted to see in the finale. I went ahead and voted for Heba to make it to the finale because I figure that Michelle (the last black team member) would have a better chance of winning by going against Heba than she would if she went against Ed. I have learned that men lose weight faster and easier than women. Once I finished putting my ten votes in, I went to other blogs and noticed that there were a lot of people voting for Ed just to spoil their plans of having Heba make it in the final three. They are figuring that Ed and Heba will expect Heba to be voted to be one of the final three and Ed may not work so hard at losing the weight, therefore it would give Michelle a greater chance of winning. If Ed does make it to the final three, I sure hope that what other people suspects actually happens because I would love to see Michelle win it!! As, I have noticed, does a lot of other "Biggest Loser" fans!

The meme for today is Wordless Wednesday! Click on the link and check out everyone's Wordless Wednesday posts! The memes for tomorrow are Thursday Thunks and Writing Prompts both are designed to make you think before you post! I figured I would post the memes for tomorrow, today to give you enough time to join in if you want. I can't wait until my "no memes for a week" goal is over because I am so ready to join in on these memes! They look like they are fun to do!

I caught T shaking her butt, moving her arms from one side to the other like a Hawiian dancer and singing "I get all the heat!" this morning, before she got ready for school. She was on top of the heater vent while doing this. I don't know what got into her, but she stopped as soon as she saw that I caught her doing it. I would have gotten a picture of her if I had the time to! She was so darn cute! Speaking of T, her birthday is this coming Tuesday. When asked what she wanted, she said, "School supplies." Can't she figure out something else other than school supplies? She could get that anytime. Nope... That's what she wants for her birthday.

Today was call in to work gay for a day. It really didn't make much of an impact here. I don't even think it made it on the news. Our local radio station did announce it and spoke about for about five minutes. I support it, but I think it is bad timing with the way the economy is. Maybe, they can try again when the economy is in better shape and maybe then it will make the kind of statement they intended to make today. Maybe....

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