Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Survived!

T's birthday party on Sunday was a huge success and yes, I survived it! T got a few presents (some from me and some from Lady J), and she ended up with quite a bit of cash to buy herself whatever she wants for her birthday. T said that she was going to wait until after Christmas to see what Santa brings her, then she might go to the after Christmas sales and buy herself something that she wants. She said that the best part of having a birthday in December was the after Christmas sales! My little shopper, I tell ya!

I ended up having a full house overnight! I'm glad that it only lasted one night, otherwise I'd be out of my mind by now.

I finally finished all of my Christmas shopping yesterday. I'm so glad I got that done. Now I can focus on the Christmas dinner that I'm planning on having. I originally planned on having it at my house, but due to some last minute plans, we are going to my great Aunt B's house and doing a pitch in Christmas dinner. I'm making the turkey, ham, and a side dish (not sure what exactly, yet), Tater's girlfriend is making the potatoes, bread rolls, and something else (she's not sure yet), and my great Aunt B is making the pies, egg salad (no one can make egg salad like her), and sweet potatoes.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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