Monday, December 15, 2008

Manic Monday #146

I love doing this meme! If you would like to join in, go here, if not, at least go read what some of the other participants answered!

Have you ever returned an item to a store for a refund after having used it?

Maybe once or twice a very long time ago. I can't really remember what the items were now.

You are going out for the evening. If your partner objects to what you are wearing, would you change your clothing?

No, I wouldn't. If I choose something to wear for the evening, then I would be more comfortable wearing that outfit than I would wearing something else. S never complains about something I wear though.

What item that you don’t currently possess would you most like to have in your home?

A dishwasher. I sure miss my old dishwasher! Maybe I'll get one for Christmas, but I won't hold my breath for one.


kalea_kane said...

I love your blog layout. Very pretty! I hope you get your dishwasher. Then the long run do you want a dishwasher for Christmas? :) Have a great Monday!

Teena in Toronto said...

I love my dishwasher and sure do miss it when it's broken.

I played too :)

The Social Frog said...

I HAVE to have a dishwasher, the only thing I hate doing is washing dishes by hand,lol.

tollesons4him said...

These are fun to do@!!

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