Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything you asked for!

Our Christmas was a good one. It started off kind of sour since it seemed we had a few Scrooges in our midst, but as the day went on, it went better.

Princess T, Lady J, Double A and Mr. Wiggles opened their gifts and loved everything they got. Santa brought them everything they asked for and then some. I wanted to take a lot of pictures, but I wasn't able to as it seemed that most of the adults in the house didn't want to help get the presents out from under the Christmas Tree, which left me to that task. Even with me taking up that task, no one seemed to want to take on the job of taking pictures. The kids and I still had fun!

After we opened the presents under our tree, we went to my Great Aunt B's house for our Christmas brunch. We made two hams and a turkey to take over there with us. With other people bringing more food over, we ended up with a ton of it! After we ate our brunch, we opened more presents that was brought over by other family members.

Once all that was done, most of us went to visit with my Aunt J. She was thrilled to have us there. We didn't stay very long because S was up very early this morning and needed more sleep before he goes to work tonight.

After we left from visiting Aunt J, I took S and Double A to the house and decided to go visit my grandmother's grave. T decided that she wanted to go with me. I hadn't been there in a few years, and I knew I needed to go. I figured today would be as good of a day as any to go visit her grave. At first, I had a hard time finding it because I hadn't been there in so long, but I eventually found it. We stayed there for a bit before going home.

Double A and Princess T are playing quietly with some of their gifts. Lady J and Mr. Wiggles are out with Skinny and W, still visiting other family members and will be back later tonight. S is getting ready for work and I am enjoying the quiet time I am getting before my house fills back up.

Santa brought me a beautiful vase set that would go perfect in my built in china cabinet that I have. I also got some wine glasses that belonged to my grandmother and some double shot glasses. I'm really not much of an alcohol drinker, but I adore the glasses used to drink the alcohol. For some reason, I always have.


Veronica Lee said...

I'm looking forward to see the vase set in your next post!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What a nice Christmas spent with family! I have to agree with you about loving the glasses used to drink alcohol in...I hardly ever drink, but the glasses are so cool!

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