Thursday, December 18, 2008


A few evenings ago, T and Double A were sitting at the desk, doing their homework. I was sitting with Double A, helping him with his math. While we were sitting there T decided to start up this little conversation.
T: "Oh, by the way mom, today at school, we wrote to the women's prison. You know, the one we go by everyday?
    (We USED to go by the women's prison everyday, but we don't anymore since we've moved into our new house.)
Me: (Looking up totally confused) "Say what?"
T: "Wait, mom. You know those gift bags we got last week?"
Me: "Yeah."
T: "Well they came from some of the women in that prison."
Me: "Reeaaalllyyy?"
T: (Cheerfully) "Yeah! Mom, you know what they did? They came by the school because they wanted to say they were sorry for what they did."
Me: (Seizing this moment to let her know that even though someone does the right thing by apologizing for doing something wrong, it does not excuse them from facing the consequences of doing whatever they did wrong. For some reason, she came up with the idea that an apology should get her out of trouble which has never worked for her.) "Hold on, let me ask you something. When these women did the right thing and apologized for what they've done wrong, did they get out of prison?"
T: "No."
Me: "Well, what happened to them then?"
T: "They went back."
Me: "Well, why did they go back?"
T: "Because they still have to finish their punishment for doing what they did wrong."
Me: "So even though they apologized for what they did, they still had to face the consequences of their actions. Apologies, when you're grown, won't keep you from facing the consequences of what you do, do you understand that?"
T: (With a sigh) "Yes."
Me: "Well, what did you write?"
T: (Cheering up again) Well, I didn't write anything about them being in prison because Mrs. P said not to."
Me: "Okay, so what did you write?"
T: "Wait mom. Nelson wrote 'Dear Prison' and Mrs. P said not to write that, but to write 'Dear Ladies'. So, I wrote 'Dear Ladies, Thank you for the gifts. My favorite gift was the bag. I hope you enjoy...."
(All of a sudden T stops with a blank expression on her face.)
Me: (Turning more toward T) "You hope they enjoy what?"
T puts her hands up to her mouth in an effort to hid the smile that slowly crept across her face, and that's when it hit me.
Me: "Soooo, you didn't write anything about them being in prison, huh?"
T: "Oh, man! I didn't mean to!"


Jill said...

LOL! Oops! Out of the mouths of babes!

Alicia said...

Definitely an "oops" moment!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hehehe, that was funny!

sunny said...

LOL!!! Leave it to T!

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