Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tennessee Customs vs Indiana Traditions...

At the end of July, I moved from Tennessee to my home state, Indiana. I am slowly realizing all of the norms I have gotten used to while in Tennessee.

1. For the three years of living in Tennessee, I have somehow gotten used to the way one drives in Tennessee. It is much different than the way one drives here. In Tennessee, if one attempts to drive the speed limit they would literally get ran over, unlike in Indiana. The drivers in Indiana are more likely to drive the speed limit or slower.

2. There are a lot less potholes (craters, as I like to call them here) in Tennessee than there are in Indiana. My dad calls this "job security". I call it "robbing the taxpayers". Some potholes get so bad on the Indiana roads that they seem like craters. Some of them are unavoidable resulting in major necessary vehicle repairs in order to be able to continue driving said vehicle.

3. Tennessee schools are not as willing to allow their buses to drive on slick roads as the Indiana schools are. Tennessee schools call snow days at the slightest bit of snow. There has to be more than just ice on the roads before Indiana schools call snow days!

Being used to some of the Tennessee customs listed above, may be why I was more than just a bit annoyed this morning when my kids and I had to slide to my car in order to slide the kids to their school because they should have had a snow day the last two days! Now, I have to get used to the Indiana traditions again!


Jill said...

Welcome back to the midwest! lol! Gotta love it....NOT!

sunny said...

Get back to TN!!!

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