Friday, December 12, 2008

T's Christmas Program!

See, I can keep a promise! Bet you thought I wouldn't post about T's program today, didn't you! Things have been busy today, too!

Yesterday morning after T was all dressed in her school clothes, I noticed that she was still growing taller! That girl has been growing like a weed, I tell you! I told her that I wished she would quit growing taller just a little bit and grow a little wider instead. This was her response to me:

"But mom, I don't want to grow wider! Then I'll have to go on The Biggest
Loser and I don't want to do that!"

Trust me, child, you have nothing to worry about! With the way your adrenaline is, you will not have to go on The Biggest Loser even when you get older! She is to funny!!

We got to the school yesterday evening and she couldn't remember exactly where her class was supposed to meet. I was told that they were supposed to go to the Media Center. Then, I was told that they were supposed to meet in the cafeteria and after that, I was told that they were supposed to meet in their classrooms. When we got to her classroom, her teacher informed us that she was supposed to go to the cafeteria. T decided that she wanted to stay with her teacher and go to the cafeteria with her teacher, which her teacher said was fine with her.

Waiting for her program to start, was a bit nerving. Double A started writing in his notebook. That boy loves to write in his notebook. After a bit, he got bored with the notebook and had to move around. If you know Double A, then you know he cannot sit still for ten minutes, well he can when it comes to a $2 bet (that's for another post), but other than that, he's got to be up and moving until something can get his attention. I was finally able to get his attention by writing an entry in his notebook and luckily he decided to stay sitting with his notebook.

Finally the program started. The school band played a few songs, one of them being Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Double A decided he would sing that song loud and proud. I recorded a little bit of it because it was kind of funny!

After the band played, the "Hip Hop Dance Club" that they have as an after school program danced for everyone on stage and then finally they brought out the choir class to sing. My baby girl was in the first row. She had a time finding me, but after I waved my arms in the air like a nut (because I would rather do that than yell her name), she finally succeeded in finding me.

I am going to have to talk to her about the importance of paying more attention to her instructor than paying attention to the fact that I was watching her. I guess she thought I would just up and disappear or something because she never took her eyes off of me. Then again, maybe I made her a bit nervous! I hope that's not the case and if it was, she never said it.

She sang really good and I could hear her sweet voice throughout all of the songs! She had a great time performing for us! We stuck around after the program to buy some items at the "Santa Shop" that they had at the school for a fund raiser. That, and of course, we had to get a picture of T, her teacher, and Double A together!!

I was going through some of the videos and pictures that I had from the program and now T can't wait until I put the videos on one DVD for her so that she can watch and perform for us over and over!

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