Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a Weekend!!

No post yesterday! Ack! I didn't meet my goal last week! i'll try again this week though.

I was extremely busy yesterday. At least I didn't have to take the hour and a half drive to pick up Lady J like I thought I was going to have to. Skinny decided to drive everyone here to me instead. I am so glad that he did! He brought his girlfriend (I haven't thought of a good bloggy name for her yet), Lady J and Mr. Wiggles so that Lady J can be at T's birthday party like she wanted. They are going to stay here at the house for two whole weeks! Yay! Usually, they will come up for a weekend and stay at my cousin's, Tater's house (I'll blog about this name another day), but since his house is so crowded, they decided they will stay here. That means a lot of time with Lady J and Mr. Wiggles!

Skinny told me last night that he noticed Mr. Wiggles seems to like my house better than anywhere else, even than his girlfriend's mom's house, and Mr. Wiggles is there a lot. He said that it seems that Mr. Wiggles doesn't cry as much, seems to play better and seems more calm here than any where else he's been at. That makes me feel really good.

Double A got down on the floor and played with Mr. Wiggles yesterday. He hasn't got a chance to do that before yesterday and he really enjoyed having another boy to play with even though Mr. Wiggles isn't quite old enough to play with cars just yet. Before Mr. Wiggles was born, Double A was the only boy in the family. Double A was trying to teach him to play patty cake and Mr. Wiggles thought Double A's song was funny.

I'm pretty much ready for the birthday party we are having today. I've got party favors, crafts, games, prizes, dinner, cake and ice cream. We need a bit of birthday decorations, but Lady J and T are going to have that taken care of by party time today. T is having the time of her life, helping me with this birthday party of hers.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! I will be taking pictures and I may post some up later on today or tomorrow.

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