Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordful Wednesday ~ T's Presents From Aunt B

Ahhh... Here is T and she just found her bag of goodies for her birthday!

Torie found her present

Why does she have a coat on, you ask? You see in the winter time, my great Aunt B uses a pot belly cast iron wood burning stove to heat her house. Which looks a lot like this one.

Wood Burning Stove

(I snagged this from google images because I didn't want Aunt B to think I was crazy by taking a picture of hers for my blog!) Her stove isn't exactly like the one above, but it is the closest one to it that I could find. Anyway, when I take her back home from her daily visits with my Aunt J in the evenings, her house is really cold until the fire in the stove gets going really good, so I made T keep her jacket on.

T took each item out of the bag and admired each one of the items, telling Aunt B, "Thank you Aunt B, this is just what I wanted!" before taking the next item out of the bag! She did this with each and every item!

Torie Digging in her bag

The contents in the bag were, construction paper, pencils, crayons, and a package of pens. (The kind that you take the cap off of before using it. That was the item at the very bottom of the bag).

Torie's 9th Birthday Present

After I took the above picture, T insisted I'd take another picture with a book lamp that Double A gave her for her birthday!

Torie's 9th birthday gifts

When we got home, T wanted everyone to sit in a circle so she could show off her birthday presents from Aunt B. She didn't have a lot of time to use these last night because she still had a bit of homework to do, but now she is in the dining room using them and her creativity.

This post is part of the "Wordful Wednesday" meme. If you would like to play, please visit the Seven Clown Circus blog.

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Oh, how wonderful!! Those are great pictures that you took!!

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