Saturday, January 31, 2009

A New Look!

My blog makeover finished! I love it! I don't think I will get tired of this look as quick as I did the last one! Thank you so much, Tara! What do you all think? If you need a blog makeover, please consider having Tara do one for you. As you can see, she does a great job, she offers them at reasonable prices, and she is very easy to work with.

I am working on grabbing all the buttons of those blogs that I follow and putting them on the side of my blog. I am also planning on listing other blogs that I read who don't have buttons. So, look for these changes and maybe a few others.

Oh, and please be sure to grab my pretty button on the side and put it on your blog!

Thank you again, Tara!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Snow Day!

Finally! The chatterbox decided to go and chew on someone else's ear tonight! Now it's just me, my music and four little ones in their beds! Just the way I like it when it's time to blog!

Today was another snow day! The side streets were way to bad for the buses to get through. I've noticed they have improved a bit throughout the day. From the time I took Great Aunt B to visit Aunt J to the time I picked her back up and took her back home. I got us stuck in the snow three times today. Luckily, I had S with me to get us unstuck right about the time my face started to get red and right before I started screaming some colorful words, as if it would help me get the car out of the piled up snow! I'm so glad that Uncle T finally agreed to take great Aunt B to visit Aunt J in his truck until I can park in front of Aunt B's house!

My dad came over last night and plowed the alley for us so we can get in and out of our parking spot. I was so glad he did that for us! S had to park at the gas station across the street before dad came over because he couldn't get the car back into the alley and into our parking space. There was and still is so much snow out there!! Have you heard? They are talking about a possibility of a blizzard (in Indiana, anyway) next week! Yikes!! The last blizzard I was in was the blizzard of '78 and I was still way to young to remember it!

I wish I had some batteries for my camera yesterday! I would have taken a ton of pictures! My dog, Spot, had a great time playing out in the snow and didn't have any interest in coming back in!

Skinny did manage to shovel a walkway from the back door to the vehicles and then he shoveled our walk from the back to the front. That was pretty cool of him and I was able to catch up a bit on reading your blogs. Okay, that was mean, but you really have no ideal!

I am sure the schools will be in session tomorrow so I am going to finish catching up reading your blogs and then I'm going to get some much needed rest!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did Ya Miss Me??

You must be wondering where I've been these last couple of days. If you haven't, then I'll just pretend that you have!

I've still been feeling a bit irritated and I've really been trying to keep the negativity away from this blog. I swear I have been trying to read all of your blogs, but every time I try to put an effort into it, Skinny has something he wants to talk about. It's not as if he's saying anything new, really. Just the same thing over and over. Then when he notices that I'm paying more attention to reading the blogs, he'll ask some silly question and of course, I sit there with a deer in the headlights look on my face. You'd kinda think that he'd get the ideal by now, but nope! I know, I sound so mean, but it really irritates me when he does that! Sure, I can say, "Hey! Can't you see I'm reading blogs and catching up with Bloggy Land?" and I have, but he doesn't seem to care. It's as if he continues to do it, just to bug the crap out of me! Do you go through this kind of crap with other people when you are trying to catch up on reading blogs? Don't count the kiddies or hubbies, of course!

On Sunday, I went and bought some puzzles as planned. I took Princess T with me. She loves to go shopping! I picked out a set of 10 puzzles with dolphins and other ocean creatures. The set came with puzzles from 100 to 500 pieces. To prove that I was willing to share the puzzles I was getting, I let T pick out the other ten set puzzles. She picked out a great set that had all kinds of different designs on them. I think she mainly picked the one she did because one of them had a horse on it. Her set came with puzzles from 500 to 1000 pieces in each puzzle. I would have taken pictures of the sets, but I forgot to get new batteries from the store! We are going to be very busy solving these puzzles!!

After we picked out the puzzles sets, Princess T HAD to check out the toy isles! Boy, she really has to look at EVERY toy item there was! But, I didn't mind, really. It was time away from the house and she was trying to figure out which toy she was going to save her extra money for. She's really good at saving money for something she really wants and I think it's a great way for her to see that money doesn't "grow on trees" and a great way to ensure that she takes better care of her things. I only wish I could get Double A to do that at times, but he's not really interested. Typical boy, right?

I've been trying to figure out what kind of design I want to have for my blog makeover. So many choices! Now so little time!! But, I've been browsing and I think I've got it down to two choices.

Today is a snow day here! I am so glad I don't have to drive on the horrible roads this morning! I just hope that the roads are cleared when I go take Great Aunt B to see Aunt J today! Maybe I'll even take Princess T with me when I go today! She loves visiting with her Great Aunt J!

For now, I'm off to catch up on your blogs while everyone is still in bed and the "talker" isn't around!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Debt Paid!

I finally caught up with my dad yesterday, after him avoiding me on Friday night. Not a surprise, really. Of course, he thought he would be able to avoid me again yesterday by waiting until he thought I'd be on my way to taking my great Aunt B to see my Aunt J. Luckily, great Aunt B decided to wait a bit longer than normal before going yesterday.

As she was getting something she had forgotten in her house, I seen my dad pull up behind me, parking. I jumped on the chance since I didn't know when I'd get the chance to catch him again and reminded him about the bet we made.

He finally paid his debt after trying to convince me that he'd "forgotten his wallet at home" and seen that I wasn't buying that excuse. He declared that he'd have to catch up with Tony Dungy and get the $50 back that he lost on our bet. Yeah, good luck with that dad, I tried to go a small $5, but you wanted to make it more!

Today, I've been feeling a bit irritated. I guess that's what happens when you let some family members stay in your home while they are remolding their's. So, I am on my way out the door in a hunt of some good puzzles to buy. You know what they say, there's nothing like a little bit of shopping to make you feel better.

If I'm not feeling better by the time I get back, then I plan on picking a design I'd like to have as my blog makeover.

I've decided to get both the puzzles and the blog makeover! It was so hard to pick between the two and with the sale Tara is having on her blog makeovers, I just couldn't pass up that opportunity! If you haven't checked out her Grand Opening Sale just yet, then go on over and check it out!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday and a Blog Giveaway!

Do I have your attention now? Good! I have some great news for you!! Alicia at More than Words is celebrating her 250th post on her blog! Congratulations Alicia!

As part of her celebration she is hosting a blog giveaway! She will be giving one lucky winner a custom blog MAKEOVER... Oh, but that's not all! Not only will she be giving the winner of the giveaway a blog makeover, but she will let the winner CHOOSE who designs the makeover between two wonderful designers, Tara and Tina! What a hard choice that will be!

So, what are you waiting for? Click Alicia's link above and find out how YOU can participate in a chance to win this wonderful prize! Hurry, now! This ends on Saturday, January 24th at 11:59pm! You wouldn't want to miss out on this great opportunity that Alicia is offering, now would you? Good luck!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama, Another Award and Uncle Hank's Story!

Even though I didn't vote for President Obama, I believe that he is the person we need to lead our country at this time. Congratulations to him! I watched his inauguration yesterday and I've never watched another President's inauguration before. But, this is history in the making and I didn't want to miss it for anything!! I am very proud of how far this country has gotten!


Please read Uncle Hank's story that I posted a few days ago. Both Uncle Hank and I would really love to see what the Late Noon Views readers thought of his story. To update you, he isn't upset that I posted his story, but is interested in what you think of it. So, please take a minute and read it and please be sure to comment! Thank you so much!


Yay! I was given another award!! This award is the Honest Scrap Award and I received this award from my bloggy friend Danielle at Life with the Hewitt Family! Thank you so much Danielle!!


The rules for this award are as follows...

  1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
  2. Show the 7 winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap". Well, there is no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  3. List at least ten honest things about yourself.


So, ten honest things about myself...

  1. My real first name is Valorie. I like to use Elisabeth because (1) it really is my middle name, but it is spelled with a "z", not an "s", (2) I like my middle name better than my first name and really wish my mom would have stuck to her guns with that name. But, she didn't and allowed my dad to stick the "Valorie" in front of it after mom's sister, and (3) I like the way it is spelled differently. You know with the "s" instead of the "z". The other night Skinny seen how I spelled Elisabeth on this blog and he was all like, "Uhmmm... Is that really the way you spell your middle name because Lady J's middle name is spelled with the 'z'." No worries Skinny, Lady J's middle name is exactly like mine!
  2. I am stubborn. It's true! I am one stubborn person! I happened to inherit this great quality from my grandmother (dad's mom). I am always being told, "You remind me of your grandmother. She is the only one half as stubborn as you!" My reply? "Yeah, I know! Thank you!"
  3. I like to use my stubbornness as an advantage. If it weren't for me being so stubborn, I don't think I would have graduated college. I like to use it more as a way to help me not quit something that challenges me.
  4. I enjoy fishing. Oh, I'm in a fisher's heaven in the summer! Especially when I take my uncle T's canoe out on the lakes by myself. I am out on the lakes ALL day long! And yes, I do touch those slimy worms to bait the hook and the yucky fish to take them off. It was a must do when I was a kid. I still find it gross each year when I first put the worm on the hook or take the fish off, but I get over it pretty quickly.
  5. I am the biggest daddy's girl in the entire world! I do love my dad! I truly believe that he can move the moon and the stars in the sky for me if I asked him to!
  6. My entire jewelry collection consists of my wedding ring and my class ring. That's it. I NEVER take these two rings off of my hands, unless I'm cleaning them. I do have my ears pierced, but I don't wear earrings.
  7. I don't wear makeup very often. I do once in a great while, but not very often.
  8. My favorite animal in the world is the dolphin. They are extremely smart! I've heard tons of stories where people have been stranded in the ocean and they only survived because of a dolphin's help. They can also fight off sharks. I tell you, if somehow I ever get stranded in the ocean, I would really want a dolphin to help me out!
  9. My birth sign is Gemini. It seems that I live up to that birth sign because I like changes. I get bored with the same things easily and I sometimes leave a project for a while and go back to it a few months later.
  10. When I was nine years old, I jumped off a 32 foot tower into a lake. I was so glad that I experienced jumping off the 32 foot tower when I did because they shut down the beach with the tower and put a regular pool in the following year.


I would like to pass this award to....

  1. Tollesons4him at Tollesons4him
  2. Alicia at My life as a mother, wife and woman
  3. Veronica at Of Mice and Ramen
  4. Tina at Golden Goodness
  5. Keli at Dream. Imagine. Live
  6. mom 3 crazy girls at mom3crazygirls
  7. Heather at Queen of Shake-Shake

Enjoy ladies!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Puzzle or Makeover? Maybe Both!

I finally talked to my dad the other day! I had to go see him in person since he waited so long to put the phone back on the hook. He tells me he'll have the money to me on Friday. I've taken a few suggestions of what to do with this little bit of extra cash into consideration and I think I've narrowed to two options.

I really did like the book ideal, but then Double A's retiring teacher gave Double A a whole load of books. So much so that they will keep him and Princess T busy for a while, so I've decided not to go with the book idea after all!

Mother Goose suggested that I host a give away for it on here and nominated herself as the winner! Ha! Nice try, but no. Maybe next time though!

Anyway, I am still stuck on the puzzle idea. I LOVE, love, love solving puzzles! I enjoy it so much that I have this small problem sharing the puzzle I am solving! Seriously, I do! If anyone so much as puts a piece of the puzzle in its place, I am done with it and will walk away from it, not touching it again. I know it makes me look like an ass admitting it, but it seems that I can't help myself! Did I mention that I love puzzles?

I realize I really need to stop having this problem when it comes to sharing the enjoyment of solving puzzles and  I am considering using this money to buy a few new puzzles and allowing Double A and Princess T help me with all of them.

The second option that I am still weighing is purchasing a blog makeover for my blog. I know my readers like it, but I like changing things up a bit after a while. You know, to stay on my toes!


Blog Makeovers by Tara

Tara does great blog makeovers! Right now she is having a grand opening sale and she is offering 50% off of any blog makeover orders that are made before Feb. 1st! Go here to check out some of the designs and kits she can use to makeover blogs! Getting a blog makeover for about $13 is a great deal!

Heck, at that kind of price, I might even decide to get both options with the extra money I won! I'm still debating that! Stay tuned to find out what I've decided to do!

Not Me! Monday

MckMama hosts a weekly Monday meme called, "Not me! Monday". The idea of this meme is to confess to all of the things you did "Not" do over the week, then link up with Mr. Linky and go read what others did "Not" do the past week. This looks like fun and I have "not" been wanting to get in on the action... This week, there was quite a bit of things that I did "not" do! It has "not" been a busy week for me!

I did "not" take my Aunt B to visit with Aunt J and left without reading the note on the door saying that visitors weren't being allowed inside due to a flu outbreak. I did "not" leave her there until she was able to call me to pick her up! I would never leave without knowing if she would be able to visit Aunt J or not!

I did "not" tell Princess T to wear a pair of boy pants since she didn't want to make sure her dirty clothes were in the dirty laundry basket. She is always responsible and would NEVER forget that specific small chore! If that did happen, she would "not" have gotten so irritated that she'd feel the need to ask me to make her "smell like a girl because boys stink!". If she were to ask me to do such a thing, I would "not" have sprayed a little body spray on her, and accidentally in Double A's eyes!

I did "not" continue to aggravate Princess T after already being irritated about wearing boy pants! If I would have done such a thing, she totally would "not" have had as much fun as I did with it and she most certainly would "not" think it was funny!

I did "not" feel a bit feisty on Tuesday and I did "not" purposely scare the crap out of my dog by sneaking up behind him and grabbing him. I most certainly would "not" have laughed hysterically at his reaction to it!

I did "not"  agree to post my Uncle Hank's story on my blog for all to see, in hopes that the comments he gets on it would encourage him to start his own blog! The previous post does "not" have his story in it!

See? This week has "not" been a busy week for me! Totally boring! Go ahead and share the things you did "not" do this week! Go here and link up so others can read your list!

A Story by Uncle "Hank"!

I know, mom, I was supposed to blog this as my Sunday blog! It's a day late, what can I say? Would it help if I said that Skinny went and picked up W and your two grandchildren and brought them over? How about if I said that Mr. Wiggles has been keeping me on my toes all day and evening? No? Yeah, I didn't think so! Ah well, on with my post then....
In my last post, I mentioned that I like to write. Well actually, I LOVE to write. I can say that I come by it honest, really. I mean shoot, my grandpa writes songs (and he sings his own songs. If you've ever heard of the song "The Ballad of the Pooper Scooper" then you've heard his song. They're not very popular, but still he writes and sings them!) and my uncle "Hank" enjoys writing. From what I've heard, uncle Hank has a ton of writing journals.
Uncle Hank writes hysterically funny stories, from what I've read. He has said that he was going to start a blog. The problem is, he said that over a year ago and here I am, sitting, waiting for him to start his blog and share some of his funny stories with the rest of us! It still hasn't happened! Speaking with my mom the other night, she happened to mention that maybe he hasn't started one because he doesn't think his writing is that good. I know a lot of people who like to write go through this. I know I do, but I blog anyway.
Anyway, we put our brains together and thought of (what we think is) a brilliant plan! I'll just post one of his stories that he emailed to mom last year and let my readers comment on what they thought of the story! Sorry Hank! You know we love you though! So, here is a story he wrote and emailed to mom.....

Ya Can't Get There From Here 
I think I'll write this down now before it becomes another embellished story for the grandkids... I've lived in Indiana most of my life and have many memories (good and bad) but the ones that will forever be embedded happened 6/7/2008. On that day I found out that southern Indiana can sink, my car can't swim, and there is more than enough hope for the Hoosier. It's the first time the words (ya can't get there from here) were spoken in true context.

We were on our way to a family gathering to celebrate Danny and Ryan's graduation on what began as a warm Saturday morning in Tennessee. It remained such until we got somewhere just south of Columbus Indiana and found 65 North had been sealed off due to high water. 65 under water? (who woulda thunk?) So here we go travelin on the side-roads headin east for what seemed like forever because everything north was closed. I successfully negotiated some of the ponds crossing the roads, but always ended up back on 650S and was by then thinking that we'll soon be somewhere in Ohio.

Well (ya can't get there from here) the next so called pond was hidin a fairly good sized dip in the road and this is when I became aware that the car couldn't swim. Still, she pulled us up and out of it and immediately died. I'm thinkin, "Well, that's it. I've killed the car, the phone's in an area where we can't get reception, they'll find our bones picked clean by the ducks and Carol's complaining about something gettin wet in the backseat floorboard." Just as well because before us (on the same road) was a body of water that might as well have been the Ohio River. We sat there for awhile watchin cars come and go on the other side, inching into the water, then back-up because they finally make out the two morons sittin on the hood and just waitin for company.

About that time, a state trooper pulled up to the water, gets out and yells across, "DO YOU FOLKS NEED HELP?" So I open both doors lift the hood, raise my arms and yell back, "DUHHH!" He abruptly got into his car and rode away and I'm thinkin, "Oh great, he's goin back all the way to Mayberry to tell Andy."

About thirty minuets later a couple of Franklin firemen and a volunteer came up from behind us and at that point an act of human generosity began. They took us by boat across the same body of water that killed the car (not many people can boast about travelin 650S by boat) up to a church just south of Edinburg on S31. Just north of the church, 31N was under water up to the letters of the stop signs.

Long story short: There was about thirty people wandering around when the national guard drove in and announced they were to take us to a high school farther north.From there we went to another church on main street in Greenwood where we were met by the Red Cross. This whole process was treated as if everyone were family and I'll never forget that.

We called Gary from there, he came and drove us to the motel we were staying at and the next day he drove us down to fix the car. He pulled the plugs to get the water out of the intake manifold and told Carol to blow into the exhaust pipe (just kiddin! That's what I would have done). He got her going and said we should probably change the oil as a precaution so we followed him back to the house but by then, any moisture that had accumulated had burn out so we left, met my daughter for awhile, stopped at Marks, ate a little something and made our way back home. Seems like we got out just before the rest of it hit.

Like I said earlier, it truly was an unforgettable weekend and I wish I could thank everyone personally, all except one maybe. This one Red Cross volunteer approached me to see if I needed anything..I said, "No, I'm fine." She said, "WATER?"

So, there you have it! Uncle Hank's story! I don't know about anyone else, but I love the way that he turned a bad situation into a somewhat funny one! So, be honest and post what you think about his story in my comments. I would like him to see what others think and (hopefully) start a blog!
Oh, and uncle Hank, if you need help starting your blog, just email me and I'll help you with it! And another thing, if you are ticked off that I did this, just know that it was ALL mom's ideal!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ready for a Challenge! ~ "P"

I've seen this everywhere in bloggyworld and was tempted to try this a couple of times. I've chickened out each time thinking, "Well, I'll probably just get a hard letter and wouldn't be able to do it!" I've seen some have gotten pretty hard letters!

I finally gave in to the temptation when I seen that Tollesons4him did one on her blog. I asked her to send me a letter, thinking, "Maybe the letter that she sends me won't be that hard!" I even felt a little brave when I asked her to assign me a letter. Ha! That's what happens when I think! I should have just kept from doing it! Well, that really was my first thought when I seen that she had sent me the letter "P".

The challenge is to list ten things that you like and why you like them that begin with a certain letter. So, then I started thinking on it.... "Pickles, Peanuts, Pancakes...." Then it hit me, of course I can think of ten things that I like that begin with the letter "P" that isn't ALL food! Within about 5 minutes, I came up with this:

  1. Puzzles - I enjoy solving puzzles, gluing them together and hanging them up. The harder the puzzle the better!
  2. Popcorn - Okay, so this is a food, but trust me the list isn't full of food as it started off to be! There is nothing better to do on cold days than to snuggle under a blanket, watch a good movie and chow on some popcorn with your family!
  3. Paper/Pens - See, told ya the list isn't full of food items! I like to hand write. I enjoy keeping writing journals. When the stores have their "Back to School" sales, I am like a kid in a candy store! Seriously, I love to stock up on pens and paper and knowing that I'm not going to run out until  the next "Back to School" sale.
  4. Pumpkin Pies - The BEST food over the holidays, especially with whipped cream on top! Yummy! Oh, now I so want a piece!
  5. Photos - I like taking photos and looking at photos that others have taken. It is a great way to capture the moment! Princess T is starting to enjoy this also!
  6. Purple - It is my favorite color!
  7. Picnics - There is nothing like having a quiet picnic after a good hike! It is one of the best ways to spend time with family in the Spring and Summer seasons.
  8. Poems/Poetry - I enjoy reading poems and writing poems. It is a good outlet for me.
  9. Please - This is my favorite word. When one uses it, it gets them a lot further than it would have had they chosen not to use it.
  10. Pepsi - My favorite soft drink. I admit that I drink a bit more than I should, but I am working on cutting back a lot! It doesn't help when S is shoving it in my face all the time! Okay, so he doesn't do that ALL of the time, but it sure seems like he does!

See, it's not a whole list of foods! This really was easier than I thought it would have been. I even came up with more than ten! This was actually a fun challenge to do! If you would like to play along, let me know and I will give you a letter!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friendship Award!

Yay! My first award! I received this fabulous award from Veronica @ Of Mice and Ramen! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, what are you waiting for? She has a lot of funny and interesting information on her blog! Go check her blog out!

Friendship Award

Now I have to pass this award to my other bloggy friends, so here are some that have not received this award yet (that I know of).

  1. Tiptoechick @ Welcome Dearest Friends - She is a new blogger so please go check out her blog and welcome her to bloggy world!
  2. Jen @ Jiggety Jigg - She really makes you laugh, even when you don't want to!
  3. Ali @ Home of the Lazy Dog - She has some great recipes!
  4. Kristen @ La Dolce Vita - She makes handmade jewelry and they are awesome! Go check out her blog and buy something for her store! While you are buying yourself some, would you mind buying me something also? ;)
  5. Danielle @ Life with the Hewitt Family - Go read about her unexpected visitor!
  6. Alicia @ More Than Words - One of my many favorite bloggers!
  7. Andria @ Boy Crazy - She shares her grocery saving tips!
  8. Heidi @ Mommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Read her list of things to do on a snow day!
  9. Mother Goose @ Solomon Surprises - Oh, so funny! (Sorry you didn't get a money prize, but you did get a friendship award!)
  10. Jill @ The Hutchison Family - Go congratulate her on the great news she received last week!

If I somehow missed you and you have not received this reward yet, please add yourself to this list!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday is a meme hosted by:

She borrowed from Wordless Wednesday, but added an obvious twist to it.


Kids with Cheerleaders

This is a picture of Princess T, Double A and two of my best friend's kids with the Colts cheerleaders. It was taken last year at a local event. Before this picture was taken, we were standing off to the side and the cheerleaders spotted Princess T and wanted a picture of her with the cheerleaders together. I only agreed after they agreed to having one taken from my camera with Princess T, them and the boys together. A moment none of them will ever forget, since all of them are the biggest Colts fans ever!!

If you would like to see other Wordful Wednesdays go here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

I am still trying to figure out what to do with the extra $50 that I won from the bet I mentioned in my previous post. I know I want to use it in a way to help the economy a little bit. I know $50 won't help the economy a lot, but every little bit helps right now, right? I have came up with several things that I can use it for.

  1. A hair cut for me and Princess T. (We usually cut Double A's hair ourselves. He would never dream of having it done professionally).
  2. A couple of books. (Some for me, Double A, and Princess T. S don't read books!)
  3. A professional blog design. ( I have been thinking of changing my blog background.)
  4. The 10 different puzzles and puzzle glue that I've been having my eyes on along with a couple of games for Princess T and Double A.
  5. Tanning sessions for myself.

I need your help on figuring out which one to chose. Please leave the number that you think would be the best to use it on in a comment. I will let you know what I've decided to use it for!

Good-bye, Tony!

It was announced, yesterday, that Tony tony-dungyDungy, head coach for the Colts, has retired... He brought a lot to the team and I am sad to see him go. I cannot wait to see what the new head coach has in store for us next year!

I am really sad to see him go, but there is silver lining. The following is a conversation between me and my dad a few hours after the Colts lost their playoff game a couple of Saturdays ago.

Dad: "Did you see the game today?"

Me: "Yeah, there were a quite a few calls that should have been made, but wasn't! The Colts gave it away in overtime and that sucks!"

Dad: "They didn't give it away, those calls in overtime should not have been called."

Me: "Oh come on, they gave it away! They clearly did all of the penalties that were called against them in overtime! The problem with the refs was when they didn't make the calls they should have against the other team. You would think that Tony would want to retire with winning the Super Bowl again and they know by now having penalties called against them won't win the game! They just gave away yardage and let them make the score they needed!"

Dad: "Tony isn't going to retire until they bring the Super Bowl to the new Coliseum! He wants to be the coach when that happens. That's not until 2012!"

Me: "Oh no, he'll retire before 2012. The subject of his retirement has been coming up for years now! He's bound to retire soon."

Dad: "I'm telling you, he's NOT going to retire before 2012! Do you want to put money where your mouth is?"

Me: (Not being big on betting and after thinking on it for a moment) "Sure, I'll bet you! I'll bet you $5 that Tony will retire before 2012." (Remember, I am not big on betting!)

Dad: "Oh no! Let's not do a tiny bet here, let's put a little bit of money on the line. Let's put $50 on it!"

Me: "50 bucks? Are you sure you can cover it if you lose?"

Dad: "The question is will you have it?"

Me: "Well, yeah, I can do $50. Okay you are on, I will bet $50 that Tony will retire before 2012!"

Dad: (To my great Aunt B and my Uncle T) "You two hear that, so you are witnesses to this bet!" (To me) "I'm going to hold you up on it!"

Me: "That's fine. I'll be holding my hand out for that $50 as soon as he retires!"

Please forgive me for seeing a silver lining to losing a fantastic coach. I try to look at the bright side of things.

I have been trying to figure out what I will do with the extra money I will have after my dad puts his phone back on the hook! If you have any ideals, please let me know!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

I originally seen this challenge on More Than Words' blog who lead me to 4 Little Men and Girly Twins' blog. I seen that 61 people decided to join this little meme and thought it would be fun to join, too!

So without further ado, here is the 21st picture in my May folder:

Kids with Toons

This picture is one that was taken when we went to Six Flags Over Georgia. We had a blast that day and even though we already had tons of pictures with Double A and Princess T with Taz (my favorite) and Willie Coyote (another favorite, but not as much as Taz), we did not have one of them with Porky Pig! We could NOT leave the park without having a picture of them with Porky Pig! What would we be thinking if we did a thing like that?

If you would like to play along, go to 4 Little Men and Girly Twins' blog to link up with Mr. Linky!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Princess T Has Her Glasses and Other Ramblings!

I received a call telling me that Princess T's glasses were in, right before I went to pick Double A and Princess T up from school today. I was a bit disappointed that they came in so soon because I was really hoping that they would come in on Friday, giving Princess T a chance to get used to them for two days before wearing them to school. Then again, she did say yesterday that she couldn't wait until she got them.

She was so excited to finally go pick them up! She instantly said, with excitement, "Wow, mom! I can see a whole lot better now!" after putting them on. Then she quickly checked herself out in the mirror and agreed that she looked very pretty with them on.

Double A and Princess T are both starting to come down with a pretty nasty cold. Their voices are sounding hoarse and scratchy! While we were out, I picked up some medicine for them. I hope they sound much better tomorrow, if they don't then they are not going to school tomorrow.

Do you ever have a million ideas in your head that you would like to blog about, but then as soon as someone walks in the room and looks over your shoulder, you lose every one of the ideas that you had? Even when the one who looks over your shoulder knows you have a public blog, the Internet address of said blog, and can read your blog posts at any time, anyway? No? Just checking!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Goals for 2009!

Here are some goals I have for this year!

  1. Write and blog more than I did in 2008. I did not state blogging everyday because I know things will come up that will not allow me to blog everyday.
  2. Read 10 books this year. I know that 10 books doesn't seem a lot, but it is a reasonable number and reachable in case things get busy for me this year, which it looks like they might.
  3. Continue to help my Great Aunt B with whatever she may need. This is the main reason that this year looks like it may be a very busy year for me. My Aunt J has been really ill since July and has been in the hospital and a rehab center. We are looking forward to bringing her home soon and my Great Aunt B will need a lot of my help.
  4. Become more open about my feelings to my family and friends. I like to keep a lot of things to myself. I know this isn't a healthy thing to do, so this year I will stop doing that.
  5. Be a bit more outgoing. This was a goal for me last year and I was able to reach it, but not as much I would have liked, so this is a goal for me this year, too.
  6. Continue our "Family Fun Day" every week. This was another goal that I made last year and we were able to stick to it. Everyone always looks forward to it now and it helps us grow as a family.
  7. Work on becoming more spiritual. I would at least like to get back on the spiritual ground I was on the year before last. I've drifted a bit off course for some reason last year and I really need to get back on course.

These are my goals for this year. What are your goals?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visitors Gone and Princess T's Glasses!

Well, my visitors for the last two weeks left about ten minutes ago! It's kind of bitter-sweet for me. I'm going to miss Mr. Wiggles like crazy, that's for sure! I know he'll be back to visit though. Lady J gets to me a little bit because she is six years old and does a lot of whining when she doesn't get her way. A lot of that has to do with other family members who give in to her when she whines and we have our rounds about it because I NEVER give in to her, but I still love her. She is slowly but surely coming around with figuring out how to get what she wants with me and realizing that whining does not do it. Skinny and W are a bit louder than I am used to, but I will miss having them around, too.

Princess T has complained about having vision problems with her left eye. I attempted to get her in for an eye exam on Friday, but we couldn't get in until yesterday. She has been really worried about needing glasses. She has repeatedly said that she does NOT want them.

On Friday, she seemed over it after looking at the eyeglass cases that they had there. She went as far as picking the kind that she wanted, if she needed glasses after all. We then started checking out some of the frames a little bit before making the appointment for the eye exam for yesterday and leaving.

Yesterday we went to the appointment and she was a champ! She did really good and didn't seem nervous at all. Not until they told her that she would indeed need glasses and we started checking out the frames again. She was not all for it and it took forever before she accepted it and picked a pair of frames for herself.

Princess T trying on frames for her lenses.

Doesn't she look pretty with them on? I took this picture of her with them on so that she can get used to seeing them on her before she actually gets them with her prescribed lenses which should be this up coming weekend. I was just relieved when she finally chose them!

After we were done, we went to our local Wal-Mart to check out some of the sales that they had going on. I hadn't had the chance to check them out yet. When we were done, I let Double A and the girls sit on one of those bus ride things that are in the game room section of Wal-Mart and this is what I got:

Torie, Alex, JJ after eye appointment

Princess T insisted on driving, and Lady J wasn't the least bit worried, but do you notice Double A's expression? Yeah, he would have preferred to drive at least until she gets her glasses.

I haven't forgotten about my goals for 2009 post that I promised to do. I promise it is coming very soon!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Goals...

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! I had a great one! Skinny, W, Lady J, Double A, Princess T, Mr. Wiggle and I were all up watching the ball drop.

Skinny had to get some kind of noise maker and make a bunch of noise outside right after the ball dropped. It's a tradition of ours since we were children. We would use my mother's or my grandmother's old pots and pans, take them outside and beat them together for about 15 minutes while yelling "Happy New Year!" I have to admit, that was fun. This year I didn't have old pots and pans to use and once Skinny found out that if he so much as tried using my good pots and pans to full-fill his obvious obsession, he settled for toy cymbals from Princess T's toy box. Actually, I had to laugh at him because he still had to make a bunch of noise and yell "Happy New Year!" for about 15 minutes at 30 years old.

Mr. Wiggles was hyped up for a while. He wasn't quiet sure what was going on, but he knew it was something big and he wasn't going to miss out on a single minute!

After we finally got all the little ones into bed and asleep, we decided to play cards half the night before going to bed ourselves. No one drank or partied because there were little ones at home. We have that planned for tomorrow night when the little ones are off spending the night with various family members.

On New Year's Day we just sat around the house playing cards, teaching two of the four little ones new card games and telling others what our goals are going to be during this New Year.

Princess T's goal is to have more fun this year. So far, she seems to be on target.

Double A's goal is to eat more. Yay! He really needs to eat more and he has been sticking to that! I am so glad that I was able to get him off of his, "But mom, if I eat more, I'll get to fat!" kick!!

Skinny's goal is to find another job. Yeah, the down economy has really kicked his butt.

S, W and Lady J never really said what their goals were.

I have a list of goals for this year and will post mine in a near future post.

What did you do on New Year's Eve and on New Year's Day? What are your goals/resolutions for this year?

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