Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Snow Day!

Finally! The chatterbox decided to go and chew on someone else's ear tonight! Now it's just me, my music and four little ones in their beds! Just the way I like it when it's time to blog!

Today was another snow day! The side streets were way to bad for the buses to get through. I've noticed they have improved a bit throughout the day. From the time I took Great Aunt B to visit Aunt J to the time I picked her back up and took her back home. I got us stuck in the snow three times today. Luckily, I had S with me to get us unstuck right about the time my face started to get red and right before I started screaming some colorful words, as if it would help me get the car out of the piled up snow! I'm so glad that Uncle T finally agreed to take great Aunt B to visit Aunt J in his truck until I can park in front of Aunt B's house!

My dad came over last night and plowed the alley for us so we can get in and out of our parking spot. I was so glad he did that for us! S had to park at the gas station across the street before dad came over because he couldn't get the car back into the alley and into our parking space. There was and still is so much snow out there!! Have you heard? They are talking about a possibility of a blizzard (in Indiana, anyway) next week! Yikes!! The last blizzard I was in was the blizzard of '78 and I was still way to young to remember it!

I wish I had some batteries for my camera yesterday! I would have taken a ton of pictures! My dog, Spot, had a great time playing out in the snow and didn't have any interest in coming back in!

Skinny did manage to shovel a walkway from the back door to the vehicles and then he shoveled our walk from the back to the front. That was pretty cool of him and I was able to catch up a bit on reading your blogs. Okay, that was mean, but you really have no ideal!

I am sure the schools will be in session tomorrow so I am going to finish catching up reading your blogs and then I'm going to get some much needed rest!


sunny said...

A blizzard huh? Wow! Make sure you have plenty of food, water, and blankets.Does your aunt B have enough firewood? Y'all stay safe and keep me posted.

tollesons4him said...

Just make sure you have batteries when the blizzard comes next week. Glad you got unstuck :)

Alicia said...

Wow..a blizzard??? That is crazy!!!

In California, we worry about quakes! LOL

Lisa said...

Hi Elizabeth thank you for stopping by my blog, your blog is adorable but I wanted to know if you wanted to enter my contest?

blueviolet said...

Well, was there school the next day? Or were you buried in snow again?

Mishel said...

Cute blog! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I'm enjoying meeting new friends this way. I find myself constantly thinking about blogging! Its crazy. I used to laugh at my sister and others for doing I'm doing a lot of apologizing. :)

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