Sunday, January 25, 2009

Debt Paid!

I finally caught up with my dad yesterday, after him avoiding me on Friday night. Not a surprise, really. Of course, he thought he would be able to avoid me again yesterday by waiting until he thought I'd be on my way to taking my great Aunt B to see my Aunt J. Luckily, great Aunt B decided to wait a bit longer than normal before going yesterday.

As she was getting something she had forgotten in her house, I seen my dad pull up behind me, parking. I jumped on the chance since I didn't know when I'd get the chance to catch him again and reminded him about the bet we made.

He finally paid his debt after trying to convince me that he'd "forgotten his wallet at home" and seen that I wasn't buying that excuse. He declared that he'd have to catch up with Tony Dungy and get the $50 back that he lost on our bet. Yeah, good luck with that dad, I tried to go a small $5, but you wanted to make it more!

Today, I've been feeling a bit irritated. I guess that's what happens when you let some family members stay in your home while they are remolding their's. So, I am on my way out the door in a hunt of some good puzzles to buy. You know what they say, there's nothing like a little bit of shopping to make you feel better.

If I'm not feeling better by the time I get back, then I plan on picking a design I'd like to have as my blog makeover.

I've decided to get both the puzzles and the blog makeover! It was so hard to pick between the two and with the sale Tara is having on her blog makeovers, I just couldn't pass up that opportunity! If you haven't checked out her Grand Opening Sale just yet, then go on over and check it out!

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