Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

I am still trying to figure out what to do with the extra $50 that I won from the bet I mentioned in my previous post. I know I want to use it in a way to help the economy a little bit. I know $50 won't help the economy a lot, but every little bit helps right now, right? I have came up with several things that I can use it for.

  1. A hair cut for me and Princess T. (We usually cut Double A's hair ourselves. He would never dream of having it done professionally).
  2. A couple of books. (Some for me, Double A, and Princess T. S don't read books!)
  3. A professional blog design. ( I have been thinking of changing my blog background.)
  4. The 10 different puzzles and puzzle glue that I've been having my eyes on along with a couple of games for Princess T and Double A.
  5. Tanning sessions for myself.

I need your help on figuring out which one to chose. Please leave the number that you think would be the best to use it on in a comment. I will let you know what I've decided to use it for!


Mother Goose said...

hello! a $50 blog giveaway is my vote, and I nominate you give it to me!! Let me take your worries off your hands.

tollesons4him said...

Ooh, now MOther Goose has an idea! But instead of giving it to her you should give it to me :)
Seriously I would probably go for the books or the tanning

blueviolet said...

Well, I think your blog is cute already so you can get away without that and tanning can be ruled out because that's probably not good for you. Let's see...I can't rule it out any further so it's 1, 2, or 4. :)

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