Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good-bye, Tony!

It was announced, yesterday, that Tony tony-dungyDungy, head coach for the Colts, has retired... He brought a lot to the team and I am sad to see him go. I cannot wait to see what the new head coach has in store for us next year!

I am really sad to see him go, but there is silver lining. The following is a conversation between me and my dad a few hours after the Colts lost their playoff game a couple of Saturdays ago.

Dad: "Did you see the game today?"

Me: "Yeah, there were a quite a few calls that should have been made, but wasn't! The Colts gave it away in overtime and that sucks!"

Dad: "They didn't give it away, those calls in overtime should not have been called."

Me: "Oh come on, they gave it away! They clearly did all of the penalties that were called against them in overtime! The problem with the refs was when they didn't make the calls they should have against the other team. You would think that Tony would want to retire with winning the Super Bowl again and they know by now having penalties called against them won't win the game! They just gave away yardage and let them make the score they needed!"

Dad: "Tony isn't going to retire until they bring the Super Bowl to the new Coliseum! He wants to be the coach when that happens. That's not until 2012!"

Me: "Oh no, he'll retire before 2012. The subject of his retirement has been coming up for years now! He's bound to retire soon."

Dad: "I'm telling you, he's NOT going to retire before 2012! Do you want to put money where your mouth is?"

Me: (Not being big on betting and after thinking on it for a moment) "Sure, I'll bet you! I'll bet you $5 that Tony will retire before 2012." (Remember, I am not big on betting!)

Dad: "Oh no! Let's not do a tiny bet here, let's put a little bit of money on the line. Let's put $50 on it!"

Me: "50 bucks? Are you sure you can cover it if you lose?"

Dad: "The question is will you have it?"

Me: "Well, yeah, I can do $50. Okay you are on, I will bet $50 that Tony will retire before 2012!"

Dad: (To my great Aunt B and my Uncle T) "You two hear that, so you are witnesses to this bet!" (To me) "I'm going to hold you up on it!"

Me: "That's fine. I'll be holding my hand out for that $50 as soon as he retires!"

Please forgive me for seeing a silver lining to losing a fantastic coach. I try to look at the bright side of things.

I have been trying to figure out what I will do with the extra money I will have after my dad puts his phone back on the hook! If you have any ideals, please let me know!


sunny said...

You could buy him a clue!

Cheryl Lage said...

Maybe a few days of consistent fancy coffees might help! ;)

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