Sunday, February 1, 2009


Me, my brothers and all of my cousins have nicknames. This had become a tradition in the family courtesy of my Aunt "Attitude". This has also moved down to our own children. Soon after each child was born, they are given a nickname and then it becomes official with Aunt Attitude's agreement. Well, each child is given a nickname soon after each child was born with the exception of me, my two brothers, and four of Attitude's daughters. How did this come about you ask? Well, I am glad you asked such a question! This is how it came to be a family tradition.....

Once upon a time, Attitude's sister was pregnant. This was to be her first niece or nephew, but not the first born child of the next generation. Attitude already had claims to the first born child of the next generation. Anyway, Attitude's sister, Naive, had only one craving the entire time she was pregnant. Her one and only craving was potatoes. Not potatoes cooked different ways. Oh no! There was only one way the potatoes had to be made. Any other way just wouldn't do! They had to be fried potatoes, without exception. Naive ate fried potatoes morning, noon and night throughout her pregnancy. In fact she ate so many potatoes, that Attitude commented to Naive that she wasn't going to have a baby, but she was going to have one big "Tater". And thus began the first nickname upon our generation.

Once Tater was born, this stuck with him and was called "Tater", no matter the true name his mother had given him. For years, he had been the only nicknamed child of our generation. That was until the rest of realized that "Tater" wasn't his name, but just a nickname given him by Attitude.

When we inquired as to why he was the only one with a nickname, she decided to assign the rest of us nicknames, also.  The nicknames she had given to her daughters in order were Ape Shit (Don't know why really), Skeeter, Cry Baby, and Huggy. Seriously, I didn't know Huggy's real name until I was 15 years old! But, I think it had more to do with the fact that they moved away while we were really young and I didn't have the opportunity to learn Huggy's real name. It took them a long time before Attitude contacted the family again, but more do to marital (or I should say ex-marital) reasons than anything else.

As I've said, this tradition has been passed down to our own children. For example, Tater's youngest son is Tater Tot. Double A's is Cuddles and Princess T's is Puppy Pooh. Can you guess what mine was??? Go ahead and take a guess!

Oh and Sunny, you are NOT allowed to guess!

Hint: Princess T has one part of my nickname, kinda like Tater Tot has one part of Tater's nickname. My nickname was two words. Good luck! I promise I will reveal what it was in a few days.


sunny said...

ooh! ooh! I know!

Elisabeth said...

Put your hand down, Sunny... Let other readers guess first!

blueviolet said...

Princess Pooh?

Elisabeth said...

@blueviolet - You are kinda close. The first word does begin with a "P", but it isn't "Princess" or "Pooh". :)

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