Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama hosts a weekly Monday meme called, "Not me! Monday". The idea of this meme is to confess to all of the things you did "Not" do over the week, then link up with Mr. Linky and go read what others did "Not" do the past week. This looks like fun and I have "not" been wanting to get in on the action... This week, there was quite a bit of things that I did "not" do! It has "not" been a busy week for me!

I did "not" take my Aunt B to visit with Aunt J and left without reading the note on the door saying that visitors weren't being allowed inside due to a flu outbreak. I did "not" leave her there until she was able to call me to pick her up! I would never leave without knowing if she would be able to visit Aunt J or not!

I did "not" tell Princess T to wear a pair of boy pants since she didn't want to make sure her dirty clothes were in the dirty laundry basket. She is always responsible and would NEVER forget that specific small chore! If that did happen, she would "not" have gotten so irritated that she'd feel the need to ask me to make her "smell like a girl because boys stink!". If she were to ask me to do such a thing, I would "not" have sprayed a little body spray on her, and accidentally in Double A's eyes!

I did "not" continue to aggravate Princess T after already being irritated about wearing boy pants! If I would have done such a thing, she totally would "not" have had as much fun as I did with it and she most certainly would "not" think it was funny!

I did "not" feel a bit feisty on Tuesday and I did "not" purposely scare the crap out of my dog by sneaking up behind him and grabbing him. I most certainly would "not" have laughed hysterically at his reaction to it!

I did "not"  agree to post my Uncle Hank's story on my blog for all to see, in hopes that the comments he gets on it would encourage him to start his own blog! The previous post does "not" have his story in it!

See? This week has "not" been a busy week for me! Totally boring! Go ahead and share the things you did "not" do this week! Go here and link up so others can read your list!


Alicia said...

Hey there!!

LOL about the dog!!! Poor thing!!! :)

Nikki B. said...

Great NOT ME'S!

blueviolet said...

You scared the crap out of your dog? Ya big meanie! LOL

Love this too: make her "smell like a girl because boys stink!".

Great not me's.

Kameron said...

I can't even get my husband to put his dirty clothes where they belong! I should amke him wear girl pants!!!

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