Monday, January 19, 2009

A Story by Uncle "Hank"!

I know, mom, I was supposed to blog this as my Sunday blog! It's a day late, what can I say? Would it help if I said that Skinny went and picked up W and your two grandchildren and brought them over? How about if I said that Mr. Wiggles has been keeping me on my toes all day and evening? No? Yeah, I didn't think so! Ah well, on with my post then....
In my last post, I mentioned that I like to write. Well actually, I LOVE to write. I can say that I come by it honest, really. I mean shoot, my grandpa writes songs (and he sings his own songs. If you've ever heard of the song "The Ballad of the Pooper Scooper" then you've heard his song. They're not very popular, but still he writes and sings them!) and my uncle "Hank" enjoys writing. From what I've heard, uncle Hank has a ton of writing journals.
Uncle Hank writes hysterically funny stories, from what I've read. He has said that he was going to start a blog. The problem is, he said that over a year ago and here I am, sitting, waiting for him to start his blog and share some of his funny stories with the rest of us! It still hasn't happened! Speaking with my mom the other night, she happened to mention that maybe he hasn't started one because he doesn't think his writing is that good. I know a lot of people who like to write go through this. I know I do, but I blog anyway.
Anyway, we put our brains together and thought of (what we think is) a brilliant plan! I'll just post one of his stories that he emailed to mom last year and let my readers comment on what they thought of the story! Sorry Hank! You know we love you though! So, here is a story he wrote and emailed to mom.....

Ya Can't Get There From Here 
I think I'll write this down now before it becomes another embellished story for the grandkids... I've lived in Indiana most of my life and have many memories (good and bad) but the ones that will forever be embedded happened 6/7/2008. On that day I found out that southern Indiana can sink, my car can't swim, and there is more than enough hope for the Hoosier. It's the first time the words (ya can't get there from here) were spoken in true context.

We were on our way to a family gathering to celebrate Danny and Ryan's graduation on what began as a warm Saturday morning in Tennessee. It remained such until we got somewhere just south of Columbus Indiana and found 65 North had been sealed off due to high water. 65 under water? (who woulda thunk?) So here we go travelin on the side-roads headin east for what seemed like forever because everything north was closed. I successfully negotiated some of the ponds crossing the roads, but always ended up back on 650S and was by then thinking that we'll soon be somewhere in Ohio.

Well (ya can't get there from here) the next so called pond was hidin a fairly good sized dip in the road and this is when I became aware that the car couldn't swim. Still, she pulled us up and out of it and immediately died. I'm thinkin, "Well, that's it. I've killed the car, the phone's in an area where we can't get reception, they'll find our bones picked clean by the ducks and Carol's complaining about something gettin wet in the backseat floorboard." Just as well because before us (on the same road) was a body of water that might as well have been the Ohio River. We sat there for awhile watchin cars come and go on the other side, inching into the water, then back-up because they finally make out the two morons sittin on the hood and just waitin for company.

About that time, a state trooper pulled up to the water, gets out and yells across, "DO YOU FOLKS NEED HELP?" So I open both doors lift the hood, raise my arms and yell back, "DUHHH!" He abruptly got into his car and rode away and I'm thinkin, "Oh great, he's goin back all the way to Mayberry to tell Andy."

About thirty minuets later a couple of Franklin firemen and a volunteer came up from behind us and at that point an act of human generosity began. They took us by boat across the same body of water that killed the car (not many people can boast about travelin 650S by boat) up to a church just south of Edinburg on S31. Just north of the church, 31N was under water up to the letters of the stop signs.

Long story short: There was about thirty people wandering around when the national guard drove in and announced they were to take us to a high school farther north.From there we went to another church on main street in Greenwood where we were met by the Red Cross. This whole process was treated as if everyone were family and I'll never forget that.

We called Gary from there, he came and drove us to the motel we were staying at and the next day he drove us down to fix the car. He pulled the plugs to get the water out of the intake manifold and told Carol to blow into the exhaust pipe (just kiddin! That's what I would have done). He got her going and said we should probably change the oil as a precaution so we followed him back to the house but by then, any moisture that had accumulated had burn out so we left, met my daughter for awhile, stopped at Marks, ate a little something and made our way back home. Seems like we got out just before the rest of it hit.

Like I said earlier, it truly was an unforgettable weekend and I wish I could thank everyone personally, all except one maybe. This one Red Cross volunteer approached me to see if I needed anything..I said, "No, I'm fine." She said, "WATER?"

So, there you have it! Uncle Hank's story! I don't know about anyone else, but I love the way that he turned a bad situation into a somewhat funny one! So, be honest and post what you think about his story in my comments. I would like him to see what others think and (hopefully) start a blog!
Oh, and uncle Hank, if you need help starting your blog, just email me and I'll help you with it! And another thing, if you are ticked off that I did this, just know that it was ALL mom's ideal!


sunny said...

Thanks for posting this Elisabeth! I laughed until I cried!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I think your Uncle Hank should start a blog...his story was very easy to read and had some great humor added to it!

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