Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visitors Gone and Princess T's Glasses!

Well, my visitors for the last two weeks left about ten minutes ago! It's kind of bitter-sweet for me. I'm going to miss Mr. Wiggles like crazy, that's for sure! I know he'll be back to visit though. Lady J gets to me a little bit because she is six years old and does a lot of whining when she doesn't get her way. A lot of that has to do with other family members who give in to her when she whines and we have our rounds about it because I NEVER give in to her, but I still love her. She is slowly but surely coming around with figuring out how to get what she wants with me and realizing that whining does not do it. Skinny and W are a bit louder than I am used to, but I will miss having them around, too.

Princess T has complained about having vision problems with her left eye. I attempted to get her in for an eye exam on Friday, but we couldn't get in until yesterday. She has been really worried about needing glasses. She has repeatedly said that she does NOT want them.

On Friday, she seemed over it after looking at the eyeglass cases that they had there. She went as far as picking the kind that she wanted, if she needed glasses after all. We then started checking out some of the frames a little bit before making the appointment for the eye exam for yesterday and leaving.

Yesterday we went to the appointment and she was a champ! She did really good and didn't seem nervous at all. Not until they told her that she would indeed need glasses and we started checking out the frames again. She was not all for it and it took forever before she accepted it and picked a pair of frames for herself.

Princess T trying on frames for her lenses.

Doesn't she look pretty with them on? I took this picture of her with them on so that she can get used to seeing them on her before she actually gets them with her prescribed lenses which should be this up coming weekend. I was just relieved when she finally chose them!

After we were done, we went to our local Wal-Mart to check out some of the sales that they had going on. I hadn't had the chance to check them out yet. When we were done, I let Double A and the girls sit on one of those bus ride things that are in the game room section of Wal-Mart and this is what I got:

Torie, Alex, JJ after eye appointment

Princess T insisted on driving, and Lady J wasn't the least bit worried, but do you notice Double A's expression? Yeah, he would have preferred to drive at least until she gets her glasses.

I haven't forgotten about my goals for 2009 post that I promised to do. I promise it is coming very soon!


sunny said...

Everytime I see that pic of all 3 of them it just crack's me up to see Double A's expression!

tollesons4him said...

She looks great in her glasses!

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