Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun In The Snow!

Snow is still on the ground today. The roads aren't as bad as they were, but there is still snow! It was warm enough to melt some of it today, so I decided to take advantage of it before all the snow melted. (Of course, I doubt it will all melt anytime soon since it's supposed to get cold again tomorrow and snow again either tomorrow or Tuesday.)

So, I decided to take the kids sledding today with Tater and his girlfriend. (His girlfriend and I have been friends since junior high.) It was their first time ever going sledding! What can I say? We used to live in Tennessee where there was not much snow! Anyway, they had a blast!

Princess T did not want to go down the hill her first time alone. She was so nervous. In the picture below, she is waiting for me to get in the sleigh with her!

Torie Waiting For Mommy

But, I've learned a trick or two from my dear old dad, and told her that I would have to give the sleigh a good shove before I could get in it with her. Oops! I forgot to jump in the back!

Torie Sleig Riding Down Hill

Ah well, to late! She looks kinda mad, don't she? In the background, Double A has no problem going down that hill for the first time by himself!

Torie Pulling Sleigh Up Hill

Oh, wait... She's not mad.....

Torie pulling Sleigh

She's going again! This time, she's pushing herself down the hill with her hands!

Torie Sleigh Riding Herself

What's that? What about Double A? How did he like his first time down the hill in a sleigh? Well, he obviously thought it was boring and was so ready to do this.....

Alex On Snow Board

But, I wasn't quite ready for that just yet, so he had to continue with just the measly little sleigh that he had at first. And yes, that's Princess T pushing herself down the hill with her hands again! (Also, that's Tater giving Double A a good push down the hill!)

Round 2 Down the Hill!

All in all they had a blast! At one time they even had four people on one of those little sleds! To bad I didn't catch a good picture before they went down the hill!! It was hard to get a good face picture because no one wanted to sit and smile long enough. But, I did manage to get two of them to sit still and smile for a second, once. (Double A and M.J, Tater's oldest son.)

Sleiding~Alex and Mathaniel


sunny said...

Awwww....they look like they had a blast!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Great new look! At least it is the good kind of snow that is fun to play in!

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