Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Been A Week Already!

It's been a week since my last post! What a stressful, busy and crazy week it's been for me!

By last Monday afternoon, I was completely stressed out and at my wits end. Instead of going completely off the deep end, I decided to use my extra energy to clean out the room we have been using as a basic storage room and turn it into an actual bedroom. Once I finished that, I spent three days rearranging it and the rest of my house. I would arrange a room one way and then turn around and arrange it another way just for the heck of it. It actually took me that long to get most of my frustrations out of my system. The entire time, I hadn't turned on my computer.

By Friday night, I decided to catch up on the tons of emails I had waiting on me and all of your blogs. As of right now, I'm up to last Wednesday.

I would have been farther if I would have spent time on the computer on Saturday, but of course, it was Valentine's Day and I chose to spend it with my loving hubby. We had a great Valentine's Day and night. I spent most of the day with my husband, kids and my Aunt J. Then I spent the evening and night with just my husband. We didn't really do anything other than watch a few movies, but that was okay with me. That's all I really wanted to do anyway. I was still trying to relax after being so frustrated during the week. One of the movies we watched was Fireproof and we decided that we would have to buy the DVD. We absolutely loved it. I totally cracked up at my husband because it made him cry, but I had to hide the tears the movie made me shed, too. I'm totally weird like that. I usually hate any tear jerking movie, but I absolutely loved this one! I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! Remember, I'm still trying to catch up with all of you!

Today, I took Double A and Princess T to the Children's Museum and the three of us made a full day of it. We had a great time! We spent about five hours there and it was pretty crowded. I'd have to say that it was great for me. I was able to withstand a crowd that big without having a big freak out session and curling myself up into ball within a half-hour of being there, as I normally would. Princess T and Double A decided to try rock climbing. It was pretty cute. I let Double A take pictures of Princess T climbing and then let Princess T take pictures of Double A. Princess T didn't get very far up the rock, but she did get a lot farther than Double A. He didn't even make the first step up. Seriously! Both kids learned a lot and they looked up extra information about some of the things they learned there, when we got home. I love it when their little minds want to continue to work like they did today!

I am now off to catch up on reading the rest of your blogs! It's so good to be back!


blueviolet said...

You got SO much done! I should take your lead and do the same thing. I could use a definite reorganization around here!

Ali said...

I took a few days away from the computer too but I only spent one day cleaning and the rest being lazy! I always think that stepping back from blogging is a good thing and helps me recharge until I see all the emails and unread posts I've accumulated!

annie kelleher said...

hi there... thanks for stopping by my blog and following@!! thats so nice!! you've got a great blog going here... pleasedtameetcha as htey say where i come from!

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