Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday!



Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Since Double A and Princess T had no school on Monday, I wanted to take them to the Children's Museum so that they would still learn something. I had asked another family member if she could take Great Aunt B to visit Aunt J so that we could spend the entire day there and was told that she couldn't because she had to help out at her local food pantry as she did every Monday. So, I know it was NOT ME who seen her with her own children at the Children's Museum on that very day at the time she said she'd be helping out at the food pantry.


When this same family member invited me to take Double A and Princess T to Chuck E Cheese on Wednesday, I told her that I couldn't because Aunt J had a dentist appoint, which was true. It was nice of her to invite me and my children and I surely would NOT have taken them on Saturday without returning the invite to her. Nope, that would be completely rude and I'm just NOT that rude. Not even when it comes to being lied to.


I DID NOT catch up on reading all the blogs that I was behind on last week. I have to much to do during the day to have gotten caught up finally! I just DID NOT have the time!


I DID NOT suggest to Skinny aka Chatterbox that him and his soon to be fiance needed to watch "Fire Poof" before they get married because of all the bickering they'd been doing all week towards each other. If I would have done such a thing, I absolutely WOULD NOT have laughed when Skinny's soon to be fiance said, "I don't need to watch any fuckin' movie!"


These are just some of the things I DID NOT do this week. What did you NOT DO this week? Please share!


blueviolet said...

The response about the movie made me laugh out loud! I think it was great that you went to the children's museum!

annie kelleher said...

the list of what i didnt do is longer than the list of what i did... you made me laugh out loud today... thanks for starting off my day with a smile! ... xoxox... annie

Veronica Lee said...

Really glad to stop by at your blog today. Thanks for turning my frown upside down.

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