Sunday, February 8, 2009

Toys, Parties and Books! Oh My!

I like to reward Double A and Princess T for good behavior and from time to time, I take them to the store and let them pick out something that they'd like. I decided to do this for them yesterday. It had been a while since I've done this for them and they really deserved it.

While we were there, S noticed the new Nascar collectibles that are out. When I noticed that he was checking them out, I said, "Don't you even think about it, mister!" I didn't realize that I had used my bossy mother voice until after I said it. Princess T, walking right beside me said, "Well, I guess daddy doesn't get a toy!" I couldn't help but to laugh when she said it because by the end of it, she realized how silly it sounded. Then she said, "Mom, you are going to blog about this, aren't you?" Hmm... Maybe she's trying to tell me that I'm starting to blog a bit much!

Princess T and Double A were invited to their cousin's birthday party today and Princess T was invited to spend the night afterwards for an all girls slumber party. After I explained to Double A why he hadn't been invited to spend the night he sighed heavily and said, "Girls these days!" Ha! Oh, son, if you only knew!

To make up for the fact that Double A hadn't been invited to spend the night after the birthday party, I decided we would take a trip to the bookstore. Double A loves to read, so a trip to the bookstore was perfect for him! I didn't make it to the original bookstore that we set out for because on our way there, I spotted a new bookstore called Books On Sale and decided to check that out instead. While looking around, Double A remembered that there was a new book out in a series that he has been collecting, A Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He decided to ask the cashier if they had the new book in that series there. (When he's looking for a certain book, he's not shy at all when it comes to asking someone if they have it!) They did and he was so excited! Then he noticed that the bookstore also gave out free bottles of water and that was it for him! "I am very impressed!" he exclaimed, pretty loudly. I think we found him a new favorite bookstore, which is fine with me because I think I can handle the prices of the books. The prices were very reasonable and they have a "trade books" policy, which I think is pretty cool.


blueviolet said...

That's cool that they have a trade books policy. I've been getting into that type of thing myself.

Alicia said...

Oh, I love bookstores! I don't nearly go as much as I'd like to though!

Veronica Lee said...

I can spend an entire day in a bookstore!!

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