Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again! Where did the past week go? It went by fast! It's time for another list of things that I did NOT do this week! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. When you have read the things that I did NOT do this week, check out her blog and see what she and others did NOT do this week! If you haven't joined this carnival yet, then what are you waiting for? Nothing is better than confessing to things you did NOT do!

I did NOT tell Double A to tell his classmates that the tag on his boxers had green on it on St. Patrick's Day to keep him from worrying about getting pinched. If I WOULD have told him to do such a thing, I certainly would NOT have blogged about it! Nope, NOT me! Of course, Double A would NOT have done that and told me about it after school! 

During the week we made plans to get our hair cut on Saturday. Princess T was looking forward to having her hair trimmed and cut so that she could have bangs again. She woke me up bright and early Saturday and reminded me of our plan just in case I forgot. Of course, when the time came to have her hair trimmed and have her bangs cut, she did NOT change her mind at the last minute. I did NOT have to agree to let her choose to leave her bangs long or have them cut. She did NOT change her mind at least ten times before she finally decided to not get them cut in the end! Nope, NOT Princess T! She always knows what she wants and is persistent! 

I did NOT take Princess T and Double A to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate S's birthday! No way! Of course we celebrated S's birthday on Saturday just the way he wanted to! I did NOT remember how S took me to a restaurant on my birthday and how he got the waitresses to bring me a piece of cake while singing "Happy Birthday" to me. I did NOT remember how embarrassed I was! I did NOT consider embarrassing him the exact same way! Nope, NOT me! I like to forgive and forget. S is NOT lucky that I decided to let that go!
Okay I did it! It wasn't so bad. Now it's your turn! Tell me, if you dare, what did you NOT do this past week?

On a more serious note, while making this post, MckMama twittered that she was taking Stellan to the ER to have him checked out due to a bad cough and trouble breathing. Please pray for them!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wearing Green Dilemma and an Unexpected Solution!

This morning we were still trying to debate on what Double A could wear so that he wouldn't get pinched all day!

Lady News Anchor: "Saint Patrick's Day tradition is to wear green. We wear green that you can see, but what about green that you can't see? More coming up after this."

Double A: "Mom, we still have to figure out what I can wear today so that I don't get pinched. I don't wanna get pinched and have pinching bruises on me!

Me: "Hey! I got it! You could tell everyone you have green on you boxers, but you just can't show them!" (Notice how I quickly picked up on the News Anchor's suggestion?)

Double A: "No, that won't work! There isn't green on my boxers!"

Me: "Well, sure there is! They are 'Fruit of the Loom' brand boxers. The 'Fruit of the Loom's' grapes are green, right?"

Double A: "No, mom! They are purple, not green! It's not going to work."

Me: "Well, there is green somewhere on the 'Fruit of a Loom' logo! I know there is. We'll figure out something."

With that Double A left the room. About ten minutes later, he walked back in and sat down next to me.

Me: "Hey bud, I'm still trying to figure out what you would be able to wear and won't get sent home for wearing."

Double A: "Oh, no mom, we have that figured out, remember?"

Me: "We do? Well, what are you wearing that has green on it?"

Double A: "My boxers, silly! The tag has green on it!"

Me: "Oh, well okay then!"

Maybe he double checked them or thought about it for a bit and decided that it wasn't such a bad idea after all!

After I sent him to school, I was rethinking that idea! I could just hear him tell his teacher or classmates, "You can't pinch me, I have green on my boxers, but I just can't show you!"

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday!


Oh it's Monday already? Where in the world did last week go? It's time to confess to all the things I DID NOT do last week! This blog carnival was started by MckMama. Once you've read all the things I DID NOT do all week, head over to her blog and read what she and others DID NOT do! If you haven't joined in on this carnival, what are you waiting for? Confessing to everything you DID NOT do is a great way to start your week!




There are eight people (two families) living in my house right now. I have NOT noticed total confusion of the rules around the house. I DID NOT decide to hold a "household meeting" and insisted on everyone in the household to be at the meeting in an effort to make sure everyone was on the same page regarding the rules. If I did hold said meeting, I certainly would NOT think that it would go well. No way, NOT ME!!

Princess T and I DID NOT go shopping for house necessities. If we did that, I absolutely would NOT have noticed that Princess T is NOT turning into a shop-a-holic.  We most certainly DID NOT come home with ten items that weren't on our shopping list!

It was NOT so warm yesterday that I opened at least one window in each room! I am NOT excited about the fact that Spring is right around the corner! I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow's high temperature of 74 degrees here!

Go ahead and share what you DID NOT do this week! You'll be glad you did!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Grilling Goodness #22

It's Friday! Yay! That means the weekend is just about here and it is Grilling Goodness Day at Tina's place! I really enjoy playing! If you would like to join in or read other players' answers, all you have to do is click here!




1. Did you learn anything new this week?

I learned that the color orange can represent fertility and pregnancy! Ha! One night last week Chatterbox seen a small round orange object around his girlfriend that should not have been there. We had been trying to figure out what the orange represented and all we came up with was "creativity" until Monday night when I discovered that it also represented fertility. It had him so freaked out that night that he left and didn't come back until the next morning.

Then apparently last night, my step-sister opened her back door and made a sudden turn around and said, "Someone's pregnant! It's odd that lately when 'W' comes around, I end up seeing two stray cats!" And of course, that freaked Chatterbox out again!


2. Will you wear green on St. Patty's Day or do you not give a hoot??

I'm considering working on a St. Patty's Day project with Double A and Princess T this weekend. Something simple and that they can take to school with them. Maybe just making some clovers and coloring or painting them green. The schools here have a dress code and the color green isn't a part of their dress code. Double A is so worried that all the teachers will get to pinch all the kids on that day!


3. Do you wash clothes throughout the week or only on a specific day?

I have to wash clothes throughout the week. There is no way I can get all the clothes for eight people (two families) washed in a single day!


4. What is one of the most popular 'spams' you get in your junk email inbox?

I don't check my junk email. I have a section where most of the spam mail gets filtered, but some of them gets through to my regular email. Most of the ones that get through is making money at home spams. I know there are SOME legit work at home companies, but not many! Most of what I see, aren't legit!


5. Are you where you want to be? (you decide the meaning of the question for your answer)

I am where I want to be when it comes to my family. I am where I NEED to be when it comes to where I am living at the moment.


6. Do you know how to swim?

Like a fish! I love to swim! Practically every year (we haven't done it the last three years) my dad, brothers and I go to a lake and swim across it to see who gets to the other side first! He-he!! The guys are just to slow for me!!


7. Do you take trips with your girlfriends?

Sometimes. Like trips to the zoo or the museum. When we take "trips" we take them with our kids and let them spend the day together.


8. What was your favorite purchase this week? (big or small)

The only thing I purchased this week aside from necessities for the house and paying bills was paying to do my taxes electronically.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yay!! I Won!!

I won the $50 giveaway (redraw) from Miranda at Keeper of the Cheerios!

Okay, so I didn't win this giveaway at first, but the original winner, Becky won this same giveaway from Punky Monkeys. So, instead of keeping  the bundle she won from Miranda, too, she decided pass this on and allow another drawing. And then I won!

I am a bit excited because has all kinds of projects to choose from and I can't wait to choose my first one! This is the first giveaway I have won, so that really tops it off!

Thank you very much again, Miranda and Becky!! If you haven't checked any of these blogs (or site) out, you should! It will be well worth your time!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Stairs to Ramp!

At first I didn't get why Great Aunt B had gotten so upset over the steps and part of the sidewalk being taken out and a ramp being put in. I mean at least now we didn't have to worry about fighting a wheelchair through her front yard when Aunt J came home. Which when it rains we all knew would be a big hassle fighting it through the mud in itself, much less having to lift the wheelchair up to get it into the yard in the first place. Now at least all we had to do was push the wheelchair through the gate and right up the ramp.

But since Saturday, I have been thinking about the ramp that the guys put in to replace all those steps. Now when I go to pick up Great Aunt B to take her to visit Aunt J, it just isn't the same for me. I don't like walking up the ramp and I really miss those steps! Now I understand what Great Aunt B was getting upset about!

I never, in a million years, thought that those steep, cemented steps would be removed. I know I took for granted that they would always be there! I cannot find a single good picture of them in any of the pictures I have! Now I'm really wishing that I would have taken a picture of them. Yeah, they are just a set of steep stairs that was a hassle getting up when covered with ice, but there are a lot of memories going up and down them.

I do have pictures of they guys taking out part of the side walk and the steps in front of Great Aunt B's house.

This is when I realized that they were starting to take out part of the sidewalk. My dad (in the dark blue shirt) is standing on the steps that are still there.

Caught taking picture, oh my!


Three of them regrouped to move part of the sidewalk better. Look at how dad just supervises them! Ha-ha!!

Dad Supervising


They are moving it to the side on top of some other borders. I think they kept saying something about how heavy things were moved back in the Roman times. I'm not really sure what they were mumbling about. I was more interested in getting more pictures. The steps are still intact in this picture.

Sidewalk being moved


They finally have it moved over! That was a lot of work! Now time to move the steps behind dad! They are still there!

Sidewalk Moved

So, I was inside painting when they took out the steps! It was to painful to watch them move them out! They are gone in this picture and now Chatterbox and dad are lining boards up to make sure that everything will be straight when it's time to make the ramp.

Steps are gone!

I don't have a picture of the finished ramp yet, but I will have it soon. I actually forgot to take a picture of it this morning!

The funniest thing though was we took turns digging out dirt in order to even it out a bit more. The adults decided to take a little break, so all the kids grabbed a shovel and started digging. It needed to be done, so we let them dig. While they were digging a couple of people walked by and looked up at us like we were nuts. I could just imagine what they were saying! "Look at those lazy adults! They are having them kids dig that dirt with shovels while they sit around!" I forgot to get pictures of them digging, but it was cute!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts!



I seen this the past few weeks at Stacy's Random Thoughts and figured that it would be fun to join in. I was going to join in last week, but things got a little bit crazy for me, so I am joining in this week instead! Better late than never, right?! For more Random Tuesday Thoughts or to join in on the fun yourself, check out Keely's place and link up!

I find it very hard to blog without music background... Am I the only one like this?  Right now I can't really play any music because S is sleeping and I don't want to disturb him. He works nights and has been lucky enough to be able to pick up a few extra hours at his work! So he needs all the sleep he can get right now. Of course, I am on a laptop and I could go into another room, but I really like working in the area I am at. Hmm... Maybe I can make out S's snores as a song while I blog.

I have been trying to talk Chatterbox into starting a blog of his own. He really has a lot to say, hence the name "Chatterbox". Ha-ha! I said to him, "At least then when it seems like no one is listening to you, you can at least go to a computer and type all of your thoughts down. I sure SOMEBODY will read it!" Don't worry, I'm sure he would agree that he is really a chatterbox. At least, he has when I told him he was. I think the reason he hasn't started one yet is because he's still a bit intimidated. He hasn't been in the technical world all that long anyway. Heck, he just really got into having his email account! Maybe he'll change his mind in a few months. His brain is always working over time!

This morning when I went to take Great Aunt B to visit Aunt J, my uncle T was over there. He mentioned something about trying to get everyone to Great Aunt B's house this weekend to do some more work on it. All I had to say was, "I'm way ahead of you on this one!" We got so much done last Saturday. I even asked Great Aunt B to make a list of everything she wanted done on the inside of the house so that the ladies can work inside and the men can work outside. I think I'll even get Double A and Princess T back over there helping out again. We'll see about that though.

It is warm outside, but it's so cloudy! Later this evening, we are supposed to get some rain and then later tonight and early into tomorrow morning, we are supposed to get some strong storms. Yea! Just what I need, two little bodies trying to climb in bed with me because they are scared. That's okay though. Then it will be two little bodies and one big body scared under the blankets because of a stinking bad thunder storm. I have to say that I don't like them much either!

I went to the library on Sunday. Yep, the library is open on Sundays! I really like that especially when I feel like I need to get some time away! I checked out two books for Princess T, one for Double A (I put a second book on hold for him) and four for myself. Only one of  them was a fiction book! I'm almost done reading that and two of the nonfiction books I got, but both Double A and Princess T are already done with theirs'! They are some fast readers, they were done with them that very night! I guess I need to start checking out less books for me or more books for them so that we are all finished at the same time!

Now it's time to get ready to pick Princess T and Double A up from school! Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

It's another Monday! It's time to list all the things that we DID NOT do this past week, with....
This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Boy, have I got a list of things I totally did NOT do this week! So, get yourself your favorite drink, set back and enjoy!
One day last week S returned home from taking Great Aunt B back home from the nursing home. He DID NOT have a confrontation with another aunt who clearly insinuated that I was not doing enough to help Great Aunt B out. According to her, I should not only take Great Aunt B to and from the nursing home to visit with Aunt J, but I should also be at Great Aunt B's daily doing things around the house for her, too.
Being at Great Aunt B's house and doing things for her doesn't bother me. As she well knows that I have decided to move to Indiana to bend over backwards to help her in any way that she needs it. But, this other aunt had no business getting in the arrangement Great Aunt B and I already had, which was, if she needed me to do something then she would simply ask me to do it. I would then do whatever she needed me to do. Besides, this same other aunt never once offered to give Great Aunt B a ride to or from the nursing home much less visited Aunt J one single time since she's been sick last July. So, I was NOT the least bit heated when S told me what had transpired when he took Great Aunt B home.
I DID NOT, for a second, consider going over there and confronting this other aunt face to face. I DID NOT remember that for the time being, she and my uncle were staying with my Great Aunt B. I DID NOT decide against going over there that very night ONLY because I knew Great Aunt B didn't need the added stress over there.
I DID NOT decide to go to this aunt's work the next day and confront her about the comments she made the night before. I would NEVER do such a thing! Nope, NOT ME! This specific aunt DID NOT apologize to me for what she said that very night when I took Great Aunt B home from the nursing home.
If the previously mentioned where to happen, I most certainly WOULD NOT have kept the issue going to every family member within earshot! I easily let things die down and would NEVER do such a thing!
If I were to have kept the situation in the spotlight all week, which I DID NOT DO, it would have been a waste of time because the family members that I had spoken to DID NOT show up at Great Aunt B's on Saturday morning to get some much needed work done.
Of the women there (four of us), the above mentioned aunt and I WERE NOT the only ones that worked inside the house. All the men DID NOT do the work on the outside. There was NOT a lot that got done by the end of the day! Princess T and Double A DID NOT join in on the work that needed to be done over there. I WAS NOT so very proud of them for helping!
I DID NOT notice that I had only posted three days this past week! I DID NOT think that I posted a bit more than that! I DO NOT vow that I will post more than three posts this week!
Oh, yeah, and I DID NOT get pulled over for not using a turn signal. I DID NOT know why I was getting pulled over and told the police officer that I had no clue. I WAS NOT relieved that I didn't receive a ticket and I DID NOT thank the police officer for it!
So, that is just a bit of what I DID NOT do this week, although I know the list was really much longer! It really was a hectic week for me! I hope this week goes much smoother!
So, now it's your turn to tell me and others what you DID NOT do this week!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy Saturday!

It's been a very busy day! My arms and legs are tired and my back is a bit achy! But one thing I learned today was that I may have been able to jump off a 32 foot tower (into a lake) as a child, but I am somehow still afraid of heights because I cannot get to the top step of a ladder! Go figure!

So today, a few family members got together and decided to take advantage of today's warm weather! We decided to go to Great Aunt B's house and do some work that needed to be done in order to be able to have Aunt J at home.

This morning I decided to go to Great Aunt B's house after I picked up my older brother, CJ, from his house and take S to work. Between picking up CJ and taking S to work, I was pulled over for not using a turn signal. Dang it! I knew I was getting pulled over as soon as I seen the cop in my rearview mirror and realized that I didn't use my turn signal. Usually, I use it, but this morning, I didn't! Luckily though, I didn't get a ticket for it! I was so glad not to have received an extra bill!

After that, I thought my entire day was going to be bad, but it wasn't really all that bad. I washed walls and items, painted and helped make a ramp for a wheelchair to go up the front steps (well, they were steps until we took them out). Even Double A and Princess T helped out.

I'm glad we got done with the things we did. There is still a lot left to do! But at least we are a step closer to having things ready for Aunt J to come home.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grilling Goodness #21

The weekend is finally here! It has been one of those weeks for me! Friday doesn't only mean the beginning of the weekend, but it also means it's Grilling Goodness day at Golden Goodness! If you would like to join in click here! Now on for some....





1. What do you do when you get mad?

That depends on what I get mad about and who I get mad at.

If I get mad at S, then I will jump in my stick shift car and drive on the highway for half an hour or so. For some reason shifting gears, really helps me release my anger. It's odd really and I don't know why that is.

If I get mad at someone other than S, then I usually go to S and vent to him or write. This gives me time enough to calm down first and then I would confront the person that I am mad at.


2. Do you wash your hair everyday?

I wash my hair every other day.

3. How often do you speak to your parents?

I speak to my parents often. My mom doesn't live near me, so I have to settle for emails, IM-ing, and sometimes blogging/blogging comments. We keep in contact with each other daily using one of these methods. I HAVE to have daily contact with her since she is in Tennessee by herself (well, she has her brother in Tennessee, too, but still!). If I don't hear from her in one day, I'm going crazy and so far, I haven't went two whole days without hearing from her. If that did happen, I would flip out and be on the phone with her local police department requesting a check on her. And they say that I'M the daughter, ha! As for my dad, I talk to him at least once or twice a week.

4. Your nails - painted or nude?

Nude. I like painted nails, but I mostly don't paint mine, for some reason!

5. What pair of shoes do you wear most often?

I wear my comfy tennis shoes. With summer around the corner, I am sure I will find me a new favorite pair of sandals or flip-flops.

6. If you could do anything you wanted to do this weekend, what would it be?

Anything? Hmmm.... I would go camping on my uncles property and take his canoe out on the lake by myself and fish the weekend away! It has been such a long time since I done that! I can't wait until I do that again. It won't be much longer now!

7. What's the best cough medicine you know of?
Mucinex. Seriously! I love it and so does Double A!

8. How do you feel about 'springing forward'??

The Spring Forward thing just started in Indiana a few years ago. Around here, I don't like it because it is literally daylight until almost ten at night! I really wish they would switch it to not needing to do it in Indiana just because of that. While in Tennessee, I didn't mind it at all.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Monday is here again! I can't believe how fast the week has passed! It is time once again to list things I DID NOT do this week! This blog carnival was started by MckMama. Check out her blog to see what others DID NOT do this week. While you are there, join in on the fun!


Our car license plate expired on Sunday morning, so we had to go to the DMV to get new a Indiana license plate for the car. We DID NOT get in and out of the DMV in record time! The DMV is ALWAYS busy and you can count on being there all day long when you go!

I DID NOT insist that our old license plate (from Tennessee) stay on the car until the last possible second before the changing it to the new one. I also DID NOT insist on hanging the Tennessee plate on my wall! I am NOT that obsessed with my Tennessee license plate!

I DID NOT consider the possibility of pretending that I had lost my Tennessee driver's license when I get my Indiana driver's license just to keep the Tennessee one! I would NEVER consider that and I'm absolutely NOT that obsessed with the state of Tennessee. Really, I'm NOT!

I DID NOT act like such a baby when I had an earache over the weekend that S and Princess T took pity on me. I mean REALLY I am NOT that big of a baby! Sheesh! What kind of mother and wife would I be if I were?

I DID NOT get all excited about a close out sale that S told me about only to be extremely disappointed to find out that the sale wasn't as good as S made it out to be in the first place. I totally knew that he was exaggerating and he DID NOT fool me at ALL!

I was NOT proud of the items Princess T decided to buy with her own money at the previously mentioned sale! She totally DID NOT shop smart and picked school items to buy!

I DID NOT do a happy dance when I seen that I had gotten another blog award! Who would do such a thing? Surely NOT ME! I DO NOT plan on making a post on it soon, either! Nope, NOT ME!

I was NOT extremely proud of Princess T and Double A when they decided to donate some of their books over the weekend!  They would NEVER want to give away anything that were their's!

  What did you NOT do this week? Be honest! I promise I won't laugh (uncontrollably)!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Weekend!!

This weekend has went by pretty smoothly. It's been pretty quiet around here and I'm thankful for that. It's been a while since it's been this quiet.

On Friday we went to the license branch to get Indiana plates for the car. We were surprisingly in and out of there! I thought it was going to be a lot busier than what it was! I guess that's the perk to being able to go online and get things done now!

Yesterday I had an earache! Oh my, I was such a big baby with it! I couldn't help it though! Thankfully, Princess T and S took care of me. I still have an earache, but not as bad as the one I had yesterday!

Today, I took Great Aunt B to visit Aunt J and Princess T decided that she wanted to go in, too. So, we went in and stayed for a bit. I was thrilled to find out that Aunt J had eaten not only ALL of her lunch, but she also ate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drank three cartons of milk! Her appetite was really there today! She usually barely eats anything at all for lunch. Princess T did a happy dance and praised Aunt J for eating so well. It was kind of cute, really! Aunt J was in a great mood and was glad that we were visiting with her. She held a great conversation with us and told us about the dog that she was able to pet not long before we got there. She is really trying to get stronger. Later when I picked Great Aunt B up to take her home, she told me that Aunt J ate ALL of her dinner, too. I hope she keeps that up! If she does, she'll be ready to head home in no time at all! Maybe that car ride to the dentist really did give her some extra hope after all!

Princess T decided that she wanted to go through some of her and Double A's books and donate the ones that they already read or don't want anymore to kids that can't afford to get any books. I love it when they give like that! We were able to part with several books and now the bookshelf isn't so crowded. Maybe in a couple of months, we'll try to get rid of donate more books.

That was pretty much how my weekend went. Hope you had a great weekend!

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