Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Stairs to Ramp!

At first I didn't get why Great Aunt B had gotten so upset over the steps and part of the sidewalk being taken out and a ramp being put in. I mean at least now we didn't have to worry about fighting a wheelchair through her front yard when Aunt J came home. Which when it rains we all knew would be a big hassle fighting it through the mud in itself, much less having to lift the wheelchair up to get it into the yard in the first place. Now at least all we had to do was push the wheelchair through the gate and right up the ramp.

But since Saturday, I have been thinking about the ramp that the guys put in to replace all those steps. Now when I go to pick up Great Aunt B to take her to visit Aunt J, it just isn't the same for me. I don't like walking up the ramp and I really miss those steps! Now I understand what Great Aunt B was getting upset about!

I never, in a million years, thought that those steep, cemented steps would be removed. I know I took for granted that they would always be there! I cannot find a single good picture of them in any of the pictures I have! Now I'm really wishing that I would have taken a picture of them. Yeah, they are just a set of steep stairs that was a hassle getting up when covered with ice, but there are a lot of memories going up and down them.

I do have pictures of they guys taking out part of the side walk and the steps in front of Great Aunt B's house.

This is when I realized that they were starting to take out part of the sidewalk. My dad (in the dark blue shirt) is standing on the steps that are still there.

Caught taking picture, oh my!


Three of them regrouped to move part of the sidewalk better. Look at how dad just supervises them! Ha-ha!!

Dad Supervising


They are moving it to the side on top of some other borders. I think they kept saying something about how heavy things were moved back in the Roman times. I'm not really sure what they were mumbling about. I was more interested in getting more pictures. The steps are still intact in this picture.

Sidewalk being moved


They finally have it moved over! That was a lot of work! Now time to move the steps behind dad! They are still there!

Sidewalk Moved

So, I was inside painting when they took out the steps! It was to painful to watch them move them out! They are gone in this picture and now Chatterbox and dad are lining boards up to make sure that everything will be straight when it's time to make the ramp.

Steps are gone!

I don't have a picture of the finished ramp yet, but I will have it soon. I actually forgot to take a picture of it this morning!

The funniest thing though was we took turns digging out dirt in order to even it out a bit more. The adults decided to take a little break, so all the kids grabbed a shovel and started digging. It needed to be done, so we let them dig. While they were digging a couple of people walked by and looked up at us like we were nuts. I could just imagine what they were saying! "Look at those lazy adults! They are having them kids dig that dirt with shovels while they sit around!" I forgot to get pictures of them digging, but it was cute!

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