Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again! Where did the past week go? It went by fast! It's time for another list of things that I did NOT do this week! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. When you have read the things that I did NOT do this week, check out her blog and see what she and others did NOT do this week! If you haven't joined this carnival yet, then what are you waiting for? Nothing is better than confessing to things you did NOT do!

I did NOT tell Double A to tell his classmates that the tag on his boxers had green on it on St. Patrick's Day to keep him from worrying about getting pinched. If I WOULD have told him to do such a thing, I certainly would NOT have blogged about it! Nope, NOT me! Of course, Double A would NOT have done that and told me about it after school! 

During the week we made plans to get our hair cut on Saturday. Princess T was looking forward to having her hair trimmed and cut so that she could have bangs again. She woke me up bright and early Saturday and reminded me of our plan just in case I forgot. Of course, when the time came to have her hair trimmed and have her bangs cut, she did NOT change her mind at the last minute. I did NOT have to agree to let her choose to leave her bangs long or have them cut. She did NOT change her mind at least ten times before she finally decided to not get them cut in the end! Nope, NOT Princess T! She always knows what she wants and is persistent! 

I did NOT take Princess T and Double A to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate S's birthday! No way! Of course we celebrated S's birthday on Saturday just the way he wanted to! I did NOT remember how S took me to a restaurant on my birthday and how he got the waitresses to bring me a piece of cake while singing "Happy Birthday" to me. I did NOT remember how embarrassed I was! I did NOT consider embarrassing him the exact same way! Nope, NOT me! I like to forgive and forget. S is NOT lucky that I decided to let that go!
Okay I did it! It wasn't so bad. Now it's your turn! Tell me, if you dare, what did you NOT do this past week?

On a more serious note, while making this post, MckMama twittered that she was taking Stellan to the ER to have him checked out due to a bad cough and trouble breathing. Please pray for them!


Kameron said...

I always used to say my underwear were green if I forgot! It's not like they can have you prove it!! :o)

blueviolet said...

Did you embarrass him with the birthday song? I have always hated that attention for myself too.

tollesons4him said...

I would not have blogged about the tag either ;)

Mishel said...

Hi there, sorry I've not been able to visit your blog in such a long time.

Great Not Me! Monday post! I still haven't tried this one. Maybe one day I will...maybe I won't. :)

Lisa said...

Great not me's,,,,they still pinch when not wearing green ouch...I would have told him the same

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Elisabeth, I haven't heard from you for a long tine and I miss you, my bloggy buddy!

Happy Mother's Day!

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