Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

It's another Monday! It's time to list all the things that we DID NOT do this past week, with....
This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Boy, have I got a list of things I totally did NOT do this week! So, get yourself your favorite drink, set back and enjoy!
One day last week S returned home from taking Great Aunt B back home from the nursing home. He DID NOT have a confrontation with another aunt who clearly insinuated that I was not doing enough to help Great Aunt B out. According to her, I should not only take Great Aunt B to and from the nursing home to visit with Aunt J, but I should also be at Great Aunt B's daily doing things around the house for her, too.
Being at Great Aunt B's house and doing things for her doesn't bother me. As she well knows that I have decided to move to Indiana to bend over backwards to help her in any way that she needs it. But, this other aunt had no business getting in the arrangement Great Aunt B and I already had, which was, if she needed me to do something then she would simply ask me to do it. I would then do whatever she needed me to do. Besides, this same other aunt never once offered to give Great Aunt B a ride to or from the nursing home much less visited Aunt J one single time since she's been sick last July. So, I was NOT the least bit heated when S told me what had transpired when he took Great Aunt B home.
I DID NOT, for a second, consider going over there and confronting this other aunt face to face. I DID NOT remember that for the time being, she and my uncle were staying with my Great Aunt B. I DID NOT decide against going over there that very night ONLY because I knew Great Aunt B didn't need the added stress over there.
I DID NOT decide to go to this aunt's work the next day and confront her about the comments she made the night before. I would NEVER do such a thing! Nope, NOT ME! This specific aunt DID NOT apologize to me for what she said that very night when I took Great Aunt B home from the nursing home.
If the previously mentioned where to happen, I most certainly WOULD NOT have kept the issue going to every family member within earshot! I easily let things die down and would NEVER do such a thing!
If I were to have kept the situation in the spotlight all week, which I DID NOT DO, it would have been a waste of time because the family members that I had spoken to DID NOT show up at Great Aunt B's on Saturday morning to get some much needed work done.
Of the women there (four of us), the above mentioned aunt and I WERE NOT the only ones that worked inside the house. All the men DID NOT do the work on the outside. There was NOT a lot that got done by the end of the day! Princess T and Double A DID NOT join in on the work that needed to be done over there. I WAS NOT so very proud of them for helping!
I DID NOT notice that I had only posted three days this past week! I DID NOT think that I posted a bit more than that! I DO NOT vow that I will post more than three posts this week!
Oh, yeah, and I DID NOT get pulled over for not using a turn signal. I DID NOT know why I was getting pulled over and told the police officer that I had no clue. I WAS NOT relieved that I didn't receive a ticket and I DID NOT thank the police officer for it!
So, that is just a bit of what I DID NOT do this week, although I know the list was really much longer! It really was a hectic week for me! I hope this week goes much smoother!
So, now it's your turn to tell me and others what you DID NOT do this week!


Veronica Lee said...

Wow, that was NOT a long list of things you DID NOT do.

Mother Goose said...

LOL, the police officer and the not relieved received ticket made me laugh! wow, what a list.

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