Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday!


Oh it's Monday already? Where in the world did last week go? It's time to confess to all the things I DID NOT do last week! This blog carnival was started by MckMama. Once you've read all the things I DID NOT do all week, head over to her blog and read what she and others DID NOT do! If you haven't joined in on this carnival, what are you waiting for? Confessing to everything you DID NOT do is a great way to start your week!




There are eight people (two families) living in my house right now. I have NOT noticed total confusion of the rules around the house. I DID NOT decide to hold a "household meeting" and insisted on everyone in the household to be at the meeting in an effort to make sure everyone was on the same page regarding the rules. If I did hold said meeting, I certainly would NOT think that it would go well. No way, NOT ME!!

Princess T and I DID NOT go shopping for house necessities. If we did that, I absolutely would NOT have noticed that Princess T is NOT turning into a shop-a-holic.  We most certainly DID NOT come home with ten items that weren't on our shopping list!

It was NOT so warm yesterday that I opened at least one window in each room! I am NOT excited about the fact that Spring is right around the corner! I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow's high temperature of 74 degrees here!

Go ahead and share what you DID NOT do this week! You'll be glad you did!!


Wayne said...

Princess T is turning in to a shopaholic already eh lol

great not me monday

Alicia said...

I hope the house meeting went well! It is good to make sure everyone is on the same page!!

annie kelleher said...

very funny not me monday!!!! happy st patricks day!!!

blueviolet said...

I'm not excited about Spring either or the fact that it's 70 here today!!

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