Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wearing Green Dilemma and an Unexpected Solution!

This morning we were still trying to debate on what Double A could wear so that he wouldn't get pinched all day!

Lady News Anchor: "Saint Patrick's Day tradition is to wear green. We wear green that you can see, but what about green that you can't see? More coming up after this."

Double A: "Mom, we still have to figure out what I can wear today so that I don't get pinched. I don't wanna get pinched and have pinching bruises on me!

Me: "Hey! I got it! You could tell everyone you have green on you boxers, but you just can't show them!" (Notice how I quickly picked up on the News Anchor's suggestion?)

Double A: "No, that won't work! There isn't green on my boxers!"

Me: "Well, sure there is! They are 'Fruit of the Loom' brand boxers. The 'Fruit of the Loom's' grapes are green, right?"

Double A: "No, mom! They are purple, not green! It's not going to work."

Me: "Well, there is green somewhere on the 'Fruit of a Loom' logo! I know there is. We'll figure out something."

With that Double A left the room. About ten minutes later, he walked back in and sat down next to me.

Me: "Hey bud, I'm still trying to figure out what you would be able to wear and won't get sent home for wearing."

Double A: "Oh, no mom, we have that figured out, remember?"

Me: "We do? Well, what are you wearing that has green on it?"

Double A: "My boxers, silly! The tag has green on it!"

Me: "Oh, well okay then!"

Maybe he double checked them or thought about it for a bit and decided that it wasn't such a bad idea after all!

After I sent him to school, I was rethinking that idea! I could just hear him tell his teacher or classmates, "You can't pinch me, I have green on my boxers, but I just can't show you!"

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!


Veronica Lee said...

Hi Elisabeth. I have a special award for you. Grab it from the top of my blog next to the running mouse.

annie kelleher said...

happy st patricks day!!!

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