Saturday, October 2, 2010

Building A Playground

Double A and Princess T started a new school this year. Not just any new school, but a  “just opened this year” new school. They seem to enjoy going to this new school. For once, since I don’t remember when, Double A has been going to school with such excitement and a huge smile on his face. At the end of the school day, the huge smile from that morning is still there! I like this new school, too. They hold a higher standard than other schools. This school is also the first “green school” in the nation! They use wind turbines as an alternative source of energy and their goal is to go completely “paperless”.

Part of the challenge of being a completely new school was not having a playground for the kids to play on. Well, as of this past Tuesday, with help from 200 volunteers, (including myself and two friends of mine) and the help of some Colts players, they now have a playground to play on. Our original goal was to have the entire playground finished in 6 hours. We managed to get it all done in 5 hours! That was amazing!

Me & Colts Players

Okay, so I know I’m not “looking my best,” but what do you expect after two hours of mixing cement in wheel barrows non-stop? I think I look pretty darned good for doing all of that work prior to this picture! My day wasn’t half way over in this picture with three rookies from the Colts team!


Pierre Garcon is tightening the last few bolts before hanging this up on the playground.


Pierre Garcon, again, working on the finishing touches of the huge playground.


I promise I didn’t spend my entire day taking pictures! At the end of the day, I ended up with cement in my hair! I’m just glad that no one managed to get a picture of that! We had a lot of fun building the playground for the kids and the kids love it! It is huge and they have plenty of room to play and run!

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