Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Challenge!

November is the month for a couple of things. Of course, it's the month in which we remember what we are thankful for (though we should do this EVERY day! A separate post of everything that I'm thankful for will be posted later this month). It is also "National Novel Writing Month"! From what I gather (and those of you that know more about this than I do, please chime in and correct me if I'm wrong. I promise I won't mind!), this is the month when writers from across the nation set out to write a complete Novel! They each make a commitment to sit down and write a certain amount each day to have a complete Novel written by the end of this month.

Since I fell out of writing the last year or so, I've issued myself a different sort of challenge this month. I know I should shoot high, but I'm just starting to include writing in my schedule again. My challenge for this month is to post something here each day! I've also extended a challenge to Double A and Princess T, in which they are to write something in an assigned notebook everyday for the entire month. They were excited to accept the challenge from me. I laid out a few ground rules, such as: Daily writing is only counted when they write in their specific notebooks. They must write at least one paragraph, and one paragraph consists of at least four sentences and form a complete thought. And maybe a few more as we go along. Those are the main rules for now. I've also committed myself to writing in my own notebook, though the rules for my length of writing is a little bit longer than theirs. We are all ready to go and so far have completed our challenges the last two days! I am excited to see where this leads and hope that this will give them that jump start into writing. I'm also hoping that this will give me that jump start I need. I really miss writing, blogging, and all of my bloggy buddies out there!

Comment below and tell me, have you committed yourself to National Writing Month? Are you working on starting and completing a Novel within this month? Are you adding a twist to it and making your own challenge? Or are you going to write the same amount as you have every month that has passed? Please share!

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