Saturday, November 5, 2011

Elections Are Coming Up!

Usually, I don't talk about politics. It's a very edgy topic for a lot of people. If I do talk about politics to others, it's mainly to those that I know I can joke around with and they won't take what I say so personally. It's always fun talking about politics to my dad, especially when I debate the "other side" to him. He is really funny when he gets worked up and he can't help himself even though he knows I'm kidding with him.

Tuesday is Mayor and City Counsel Election day in my area. And as dad always says, "You can't complain about how things are if you don't exercise your right to vote!" I am exercising my right to vote, but I am going to vote early (tomorrow). If you live in Indiana, please make sure to go out and vote on Tuesday! And to those that believe that their vote isn't counted I say, take it a step further and work the polls on election days! That way you can make sure that every vote is counted! That is what I will be doing on Tuesday!

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