Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Halloween!!

Testing, testing... Is there still anyone lurking out there? It has been a while, hasn't it? Life has been busy with having a teen and a preteen running around the house, keeping me on my toes! I admit, I should've been posting about how they've been keeping me on my toes! It never seems to stop or slow down! And after so many months, I think I finally have some what of a routine down!!

I hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Halloween/Samhain! Over all, our Halloween went pretty good. Poor Double A was sick and was not up to wearing a costume this year and Princess T dressed up as Punky Brewster. Double A wanted to hand out candy to the kids in the neighborhood, but I decided it was best not to, as I didn't want to pass his germs to them! In the end, there were more teens, a lot older and bigger than Double A that were out trick-or-treating than there were little kiddies out trick-or-treating. In my view Double A is too old to trick-or-treat, so the other teens in the neighborhood were too old to get candy I would have handed out anyway. I promised if he wasn't sick, then he could hand out candy next year.

I've decided that this is Princess T's last year to go trick-or-treating. She is getting too old to go out, too. She was a bit disappointed, as she thought that it meant that she couldn't wear a costume for Halloween either. Once I cleared that up, she was fine with that. I think she's looking forward to handing out candy to the kiddies next year (if she's not sick)! I can't wait to start a different tradition with them next year!

Princess T was a great Punky Brewster! She didn't just wear the costume, but she also carried the attitude!

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