Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Been Awhile!

Wow! Here it is, near the end of 2012 already and I haven't posted a single thing on here the entire year! I didn't even post about the "super secret" goal that I had for 2012, right after the new year! I ought to be ashamed of myself! To my defense, life was extremely busy prior to 2012 and once I started to pursue my "super secret" goal for 2012, it only got busier! My "super secret" goal for 2012 was to to go back to college and I can honestly say that I did that and am still going to school.

My goal when I started out was to go to classes to learn more about computer repair. It has been a very interesting and eye opening experience to say the least. To be honest, when I made this goal I thought it would be a little easier than it has been. Not a walk in the park, exactly, just a little bit easier that's all. I had no ideal the steps that I would have to take in order to pursue this dream that I had at the time, which is to eventually own my own computer repair business. I had to completely step out of my "comfort zone" with electricity in order pursue my dream. But, stepping out of your comfort zone in any area is how you grow, and I've definitely grown throughout 2012. I no longer fear electricity to the extent as I did before (stroll through my posts and you'll find one solely on my fear of electricity) but I still "respect" it.

I'm only half way through the classes that I need, so my goal for 2013 is to graduate and have an Associates Degree in Computer and Electronics Technology.

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