Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Past Week…

This past week was my first week into my new class. It seems, so far, that this class is basically a merge of all the skills that I’ve taken from the last four classes thus far. I’m never quite sure if I will enjoy the class during the first week, and it’s the same with this class. By next week, I will know for sure if I will enjoy what I’m learning or if I will have any kind of issues. I could make a list of issues that I’ve had in my prior classes, but I won’t. Regardless of issues that I’ve had in prior classes, I’ve never let those issues affect me enough to give up or to work less than my best and that’s the important part, right?

In an effort to achieve my goal for this year in managing my time better, I made a “to do” list each day this week. I wanted to experiment and see how well it would work for me. In the end, I had two “school work free” days! I don’t think I’ve managed that since I started school and I don’t think that I managed to have a Sunday as one of those days!

I am proud of myself being able to free up a couple of days to spend with my family this week, but during my experiment, I learned a few things. For instance, I’ve learned how easily I can get distracted by doing other things, when I should just be focusing on one thing at a time. I found myself wanting to “wander” away from the “to do” list that I’ve made for the day and do other things instead. I did manage to stay on task by reminding myself that whatever had distracted me didn’t matter at the moment and to do only what was on the list, that I could make another list later. Sticking to it and reminding myself that other things didn’t matter at the moment allowed me to be more productive than I thought. I also found that I would make lists based off of my “to do” list. Some of those types of lists that I made really didn’t need to be made as they were “common sense” type lists. This upcoming week, I will work on not making such “common sense” type lists and see how that goes for me. I think the most important thing that I did learn while making those “to do” lists was the time that I allowed myself to work on certain things. For instance, I allowed myself to work on my school work for a set period of time and as “a break” from school work, I'd allow myself to do housework for a set period of time, and then go back to school for another set period of time. On my “to do” list, I would have my time periods listed. To ensure that I kept to the time I listed, I would set an alarm on my phone to alert me of when my time was up and it was time to work on something else.

This past week is the first time that I tried to take any of these steps to manage my time and it has really helped. It has even gave me time to deal with unplanned issues which is always good. I plan on utilizing these steps for next week and see how that goes for me.

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