Monday, January 21, 2013

Week in Review

I didn’t utilize and stick to my “to do” list as much as I should’ve this past week. My goal for the next week is to buckle and ensure that I stick to my “to do” list! Though I still finished my homework in time this past week, I had just a little bit to do on Sunday morning before we could have our “Family Day”.

For our “Family Day” we decided to take another trip to the Children’s Museum. Though we went the week before last, we wanted to go again and take Lady J, Butterball, and K with us this time around. We had a blast!

Lady J and Princess T served ice cream to Butterball at the Ice Cream Shop.

Serving Ice Cream 


Then we went to Europe, where we stopped and let Double A order something from the menu of a little coffee shop, while Princess T took his order…

 Princess T taking Double A's order 

And Lady J and Butterball worked hard at fulfilling his order…

 Lady J working hard! 

They still weren’t fast enough, as Double A loudly complained about the service he got…

 Double A complaining about service 

He suddenly turned into Chef Gordon Ramsay!

Even after they filled his order and the orders of others they still weren’t tired…

 They are still full of energy!

By the time we got home they were wore out and so was I, but I wouldn’t trade the time we had for anything in the world!

Though I didn’t utilize my “to do” list as much as I should have, I still got a lot done this past week. Princess T and I are now able to donate our time to our local animal shelter as we completed the necessary orientation and this past Friday we spent an hour of our time volunteering and played with the cats. Princess T really enjoyed it as she loves cats, but we can’t have them as pets since Double A is allergic to them.

I’m hoping for a more productive week this week!

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