Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thank You!!

I honestly believe that if you really want to find out who will provide you with their support in the goals that you set for yourself, then you should set a goal for yourself that will require a significant  amount of your time and dedication in order to achieve it. It will not take long before you come to realize exactly who it is that will support you and who would much rather see you fall flat on your face and watch you fail. Overall, it is completely up to you to decide which path you will take while achieving the goals you set for yourself. There is no one else to blame if you fail in achieving any goals that you set for yourself. Anything less than holding yourself accountable for every decision you make while attempting to achieve your goal is nothing more than a lame excuse.

I have finally finished all of my classes at DeVry University and have finally attained my Associates of Applied Science Degree in Electronics and Computer Technology. Achieving this goal has not been an easy path for me, but by knowing that I am fully responsible for achieving or failing to achieve this goal and by realizing exactly who is supportive of my achievement, I was able to remove every road block which presented itself during this time. This blog post is written to thank every one who has provided me with and shown me their support in one form or another.

From simply telling me how proud you are of me for striving so hard to reach this goal to reminding me that I am perfectly capable of reaching this goal no matter how rough it seems at that moment. From fully understanding that my decline to social events, parties or outings were not based on anything personal, but only based upon the hindrance such an invitation may cause in regards to reaching this goal, to ensuring my ability to focus and concentrate by preventing unnecessary interruptions. I do realize the sacrifice which my family and friends have given over the past two years for the sake of me achieving this goal and I thank each and every one of you for understanding how hard I worked to balance my family life, my social life, and my school life to the best of my ability.

Princess T, Double A, my mom, my dad, both of my brothers, my step-mom and step-sisters, most of my cousins (too many to name here, but I’m sure they know who they are), Phillip, Dana, T.C., Mike G., Mike P., Monica, Amanda, and to every one else who I unintentionally left out, I thank you all for providing your support to me while striving to achieve this goal. I’m truly blessed for having each and every one of you as family and friends, and I’m truly blessed for having each and every one of you a part of my life in some way or another.

Though I am finished with my education at DeVry University, this is only a “milestone” goal to my overall goal in regards to working with computers, electronics and technology. My next two “milestone” goals to achieve in order to reach my overall goal will be: to get an internship or an entry-level position in a small or medium sized business in order to hone my skills and knowledge gained through DeVry University, and to attain my CompTIA A+ certification, as well as other information technology certifications. This will require me to continue to learn new things and gain new skills on a daily basis and I look forward to all of this. Again, thank you all for providing me with your support. I am truly blessed!

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